I’m Gerry Nutter, Candidate for Lowell City Council

Lowell has gone to a district representation for City Council, 8 councilors will be elected from their own neighborhoods and 3 from people who choose to run City wide. I would be honored to be your District 2 – Centraville City Councilor

I’m 58 years old, my father grew up on 4th St here in Centraville, my mom on Riverside Ave. I was born when my parents were living on 4th St. at his family’s home. Growing up I lived on 11th St. (151) next door to George Edgerly, near the Saba, Woods, Collins and Howe families, then on Humphrey St. with the Marias, Rogers, Bonin and Goulakos clans.

As a kid I went to the 10th St. School for Kindergarten (now condo’s), then the Varnum School (now Apts) for grades 1-4. Junior High was at the “new “Robinson School, I think we were the first class who attended grade 5-8 before heading to LHS or the Voke which was doing a 45-15 school schedule.

In High School I worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken (now Top Donut) CVS on Bridge St. (now a laundromat) that was next to the Store 24 and at St. Michael’s Rectory. A few years later I worked at Mannings Package Store and then at the Tavern at the Bridge (now CVS) , I was an Alter Boy, Lector, Minister of Communion, CCD teacher, CYO Chaperone and spent a year in the Seminary from St. Michael’s Parish on Sixth St.

I have volunteered as a coach for Centralville Girls Softball, Centralville Tee Ball and Centralville Senior League baseball. I raised my 4 children here in Centralville, was part of the PTO at the Robinson School , chaperoned class trips and was a member of St. Michael’s Auction Committee when my daughter went there.

Before ever being elected to the Lowell School Committee, I created a BLOG. When I started blogging I was short tempered and ill mannered with people who used fake names and alias and made an unnecessary inappropriate. derogatory comment about a female poster that I apologized for the next day but came back to haunt me when then City Manager Lynch appointed me to the Election Commission, resulting in several anit-Nutter stories in the Lowell Sun.

I’ve apologized for those remarks on several occasions, the poster a few weeks later posted on Left in Lowell : “Even Gerry Nutter had the fortitude to say he was wrong. He actually has more integrity than any of you. Think long and hard about that” It was much later I found out that the women who posted was actually someone who I have on the radio show and we long ago made peace along with several women who supported her and former Sun editor Jim Campanni. I admit mistakes and apologize when I screw up!

Using the Blog for good, I toured the Centralville Schools with a joint City Council / School Committee subcommittee and advocated for better maintenance and paving of the Robinson School Driveway, which used to flood under the overhang. I I have repeatedly promoted events for the Centralville Neighborhood Group, events with the Lowell Police, cleaning up Centraville and lobbying for the full staffing and maintenance of the West Sixth St Firehouse.

I strongly advocated before ever seeking elective office for Lowell joining the CEP program which gives EVERY Student in Centralville and all of Lowell students regardless of their family income a Free Breakfast and Lunch when that School Committee didn’t push for it. kept posting and talking about it on WCAP until School Committee member Kim Scott got tired of my constant blog post that showed it would be beneficial to the city, asked the newly appointed Supt Dr. Khelfoui to look into it, he quickly did and Lowell joined.

When elected to the School Committee , I lobbied for ALL students and funding for children over adults. I was asked to sponsor a City wide Recess Policy so that all Lowell Students had a break and we passed that. I helped identify a $2,000,000 deficit in our Food Service Acct. that we had to pay back to the state due to poor management when the previous school committee ignored illegal use of the food service revolving fund.

Unlike some, I took a strong stand and position to keep Lowell High Downtown and wrote several post noting the cost for the taxpayers if it moved and how our students in Centralville faced a challenge getting out to Cawley. I’m not afraid to take and defend a position I believe in. We don’t need a new vision or leadership who are afraid to take a position on the most publicized city issue, especially from an elected official.

I grew up here in Centralville, worked and volunteered here and have long and loudly advocated for Centralville for most of my lifetime. I would like to continue to do so has YOUR City Councilor !

Ask the others running to be your City Councilor from Centralville a simple question: What have you done for the residents of Centralville before this new election season?

Over the next few months I will be walking the neighborhood, re-introducing myself to many and introducing myself to those who don’t know me and listening to your concerns and hopes for Centralville.

My thoughts are the Duck Island smell needs to be once and for all corrected, St. Louis Property needs to be watched so a neighborhood isn’t ruined, Our Parks need regular maintenance, McPherson’s Pool needs to remain open and in working order. The Beaver St. bridge needs to reopen and the VFW needs to be finally fixed and opened. We need to make sure Centralville streets are regularly listed for street repaving. We need to keep parking on Bridge St. for our businesses NOT Bike Lanes!

Residents need to understand that there will be large (2.5% -3.5% ) tax increases in the next few years because of the High School Project. We will need to make sure public services such as trash, police and fire don’t suffer. We need to extend the contract of the City Manager, I believe we need to keep her through the High School renovation project and for the advancement of the Hamilton Canal Project and other projects that in my view we need her continued leadership.

We need to work with LHA to insure they are good neighbors, properly maintaining their property for our residents who live there and their neighbors. We need to strengthen the relationship between the Council and School Committee and the City / School sides.

Feel free to reach out to me with any concerns or questions at gnutter@comcast.net