Help Rescue Christmas! Be part of Gerry’s Christmas Challenge.

One of my earliest Christmas memories is as a kid living on 11th St. in a 3 bedroom apt with 7 brothers and sisters, was Bill Green and some St. Michaels CYO members showing up after 11:00 when we were supposed to be asleep and dropping off Street Hockey sticks, gloves and balls for the boys. I didn’t pay attention to what the girls got. We would get 2 or 3 new toys, jeans, a shirt, maybe socks and underwear but that Christmas was extra special, I never forgot that Christmas almost 50 years ago!

On December 12th YOU can help rescue Christmas for the many children and families who need some good memories in 2020! It’s been a tough year for all of us and the need this year is greater than ever.

Listen to 980 WCAP and call 978-454-4980 with a donation or go to the On-Line Auction and bid on an item. I’m challenging you to help the Salvation Army and Radithon team to Rescue Christmas for those in need.

If you are one of my many great family members, a friend, a supporter of mine or the Salvation Army, a friend of the family, if you were one of my kinder-cuties, baseball players, St. Michael’s Cyoers, In-house or swim team members at the Voke, if you hung around the Tavern at the Bridge when I bartended or if we are related through marriage, if we grew up together, chaperoned or coached together, if you are one of my fellow LHS Class of 1980 members, you like or dislike my blog. If you are a parent I met over the last few years I need your help.

If I have helped you advertise a fundraiser or promoted an event for you or for whatever reason you know me or my family in any way, We NEED YOU to call, bid or donate $5, $10, $25 or whatever you can because it’s these donations that are the foundation that we can build on with the money from the Auction items and larger donations.

Every year the Radiothon tries to find away different ways to assist the Salvation Army in raising funds to benefit those in need. Located in downtown Lowell on 150 Appleton St, the Army serves many needy families throughout the Greater Lowell area.

I am asking you, from my heart, with love, that you join me in helping those in need.

Please call bid or send a donation via mail to Gerry’s Rescue Christmas Challenge C/O WCAP 61 Market St, Lowell, MA 01852 before Dec. 12th 2020

Thank You, God Bless and Happy Holidays !

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