A long and distinguished Family History of Political Service !

My Great Grandfather on my mothers side Fred Cronin was a Ward Councilor here in Lowell.

On my fathers side, cousin Bob Maguire was a former City Councilor , former Mayor and former LRTA Executive Director

Maguire, Robert
* Elected to Lowell City Council: 1965, 1967, 1973, 1977, 1979, 1981
* Elected Mayor of Lowell: 1967, 1979
* Ran for Lowell City Council: 1969, 1975

Another cousin on my dads side was former longtime School Committee member Clemmy McDonough

In fact I’ve had a few other distant cousins serving on the Lowell School Committee

Including former School committee members Bill Kirwin and Bob Wolfgang pictured here with Clemmy McDonough all 3 related to the Nutter Family

I hope to keep that tradition of service going and ask you to please consider me for one of your 6 votes for the Lowell School Committee on Tuesday Nov. 5th