Goodbye MOM!

My Mom passed away on May 27th, 14 years to the day my dad left us. I believe she chose that date to make it easy on her kids to remember..the same logic she used when she got married on her birthday July make it easy for even DAD to remember!

While I am sad that she is gone, there is no one in my mind who deserves to be at rest more than her. My mom had what I consider a tough life but if you’ve ever met her you’d never know that, she never complained about anything up until she broke her leg late last fall. Immobility wasn’t something she found tolerable!

She barely knew her father, who died young and grew up with a single mom who was a tough old bird. You didn’t mess with Gert! She was the only sister to Fred, Paul, Frank, Joe and Wilfred (Pee wee). Don’t know if Nana ever forgave Joe for introducing his little sister to George Nutter (Mom claims she used to tell Hank Cheetam he was her boyfriend but Hank didn’t have any interest) but my parents stuck together for almost 50 years.

I remember Mom literally running into the living room when my dad snapped his fingers because he wanted a glass of ice water. I remember her having 8 kids living in a 2 family on 11th St. and working at the Beechwood Nursing Home on the corner of 11th and Beacon 3:00 pm – 11:30 pm, getting supper ready before going to work, having one of my 2 older sisters start cooking it and taking her lunch at 5:00 pm so she could come home and finish getting it ready so when Dad got home from work at 5:30 he had a hot meal on the table.

Mom loved nursing and taking care of her kids, grand kids and relatives. She helped take care of 3 of her brothers as they were dying of cancer, her own mom and my dad’s mom and I recall 4 of us having either mumps or measles at the same time. Back then doctors made house calls and Dr. Gil Cogan would come to the house. Many years later when we were at St. John’s walking in to see my dad, Dr. Cogan was walking out with his son, Dr. Cogan stopped to say hi, asked about my dad and introduced my mom to his son say “Meet the woman who paid for your college!” She laughed about that for years.

Mom loved to laugh and loved music and dancing, whether to ABBA, Rod Stewart or Neil Diamond in the living room with Sarah and Hannah or with Aunt Pauline doing the Hully Gully at a family wedding. My sister Kathie’s son Anthony loved to make her laugh whether teasing her about the “White Pocketbook” she kept with her supposed $$ stash (Anthony gets custody of that) or listening to him calling my sister Maureen and doing some voice to either scare her or tease her!

She loved watching her grandchildren grow, proud of Chris in the Military, Anthony usually working multiple jobs, Kaleigh’s work than teaching career, watching Colleen’s Sarah working hard in college, seeing the way Shayna and my Sarah had grown up to be nurturing and caring mother’s and loved her visits with Alannah. Mom was thrilled to see George and Ariel on a recent visit. She saw Finley when he was younger and saw Charlotte and Devonne at Kayliegh’s baby shower. I was lucky that I got to bring baby Aoibheann to see her in March.

She loved getting together with the extended family, the 4th of July cookouts at Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary Conoles than later Jim and Sandy Nutter’s, Christmas Parties on 4th St. the Nutter Family home or the New Year’s Eve parties at Uncle Bob and Aunt Betty’s. Christmas Eve visits from Uncle Walter and Pauline with their kids was one of her most favorites (Dave Nutter I still haven’t forgotten the year you ate all of my moms chicken soup before I got any). She loved spending a week or 10 days in Vermont with her brother Paul and Madeline or traveling to the Cape to catch up with Aunt Mary Silva.

The 4th street boys (Joe, Jim, Jack and Mike) held a special place in her heart, has did her godchildren especially Kim, Christine and Dotty who often took mom shopping and out to lunch after dad had passed. Mom never drove and didn’t want to try flying despite the many offers from George & JO or Fred, Pat and anyone else who would offer. She did regret not getting to see ‘young” George and Jessie as much but preferred to stay firmly on the ground.

My sisters and brother always visited her and took her to their kids plays or concerts and family events and she loved that. Late night tea or grilled cheese with Lisa and Nancy was a regular occurrence at Jaycee place. Nana wasn’t ever a great cook but you could count on Tea, grilled cheese, cheesy eggs and pringles ,sprite and ring dings!

She loved when George and his family could make it up or Fred could be home from California or Pat could come down from NH like John and TT..distance impressed mom, which is why she was always excited when the “Brockton” Nutters came up for something. She loved the visits by Bobby & Jeaninie and Pauline and Debbie, talking with Aunt Jan or getting cards from Billy & Kathy or Mike and “Bishy” ! When Mike and Marion lived on 18th st. or Mike and Maryellen Conole lived across the street on Humphrey St. she thought that was great. Having family around especially fellow nurses like Sharon Reidt and Sandy and my sister Kathie (before the post office) she felt connected to her profession.

Besides her own kids and in-laws she had her Saturday Morning Beauty Shop Club – Martha and Carol, Muriel and Irene were her friends and she loved her Saturday mornings with them. She also had her “other” boys…Kathie’s vacation husband John, our brother from another mother Robert Orr and Andrew Skirvin who had her to their home for Christmas and family parties which she adored. Going to Paul and Arthur’s for cookouts with Donna Dumont was always a fun day for mom.

Mom had the best caregiver in my sister Kathie in the last few years who devoted so much time and energy into making sure Mom was always in the best possible health and surroundings. My brothers and sister’s can’t say enough about what Kathie has done for both Paul then my mom. There are not enough THANKS in the world for her devotion.

Tomorrow we have the wake and Friday we lay her to rest with Dad and Paul. Be at peace, no one deserves the rest more. Saturday’s won’t be the same for me, after the show picking you up from the hair dresser or just going to visit with your weekly scratch ticket fix, bringing picture of my grand kids. I’ll miss talking with you every couple days on the phone keeping you updated of the family goings on.

Thank You for your unending love and support no matter what we did and for being the strong person who embodied family. You deserve the rest…however short it may be… I can’t help thinking you’ll be hearing shortly…”Where you been Mother, I need a glass of Ice Water”

Good Bye Mom!

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