Looking at current Proposal and current School Diversity

The 4-3 vote to support looking int Neighborhood Schools was modified to include insuring we stay diversified. No one on the committee wants to change that.

It’s amazing to be an elected official compared to a blogger. When blogging you know that people’s reactions to your post, no matter what side of the issue you are on, is to identify any proposed change find the negative or a possible negative then watch social media start a fire with it.

When you’re an elected official, at least in my case, I look at the Fiscal reality and suggest a way to make changes that helps reduce the fiscal impact but in doing so am 100% aware that people will first highlight the potential negative even before anything is presented and start a fire on social media with it.

The Fiscal reality in my view is the “Fair Share” Tax flopped – That there is a ballot question to reduce the State Sales tax – That the minimum Nurses staffing ballot question, if passed will add huge cost to the State so revenues will be reduced.

Never mind that the many who want the Foundation Budget fully funded haven’t shown where the 2 BILLION will come from (the proposed millionaires tax wasn’t enough to cover that – $$ was supposed to also go to roads and the MBTA and that est. was $1.9 billion)

The US Supreme court just okayed Sports betting so lottery sales may fall and that also affect local revenue.

To move the High School Project forward will require a 6% – 10% tax increase (minimally) so that’s why I believe we need to look at reducing transportation cost. The city cannot afford to go up higher or we lose not only our working – middle class but are struggling families who won’t be able to afford the rent.

So before anyone gets to worked up remember, it’s a 1st step in a LONG process.

Take a look at how diverse some of the schools are in Lowell now and what makes anyone think we would try to do anything but improve on these numbers?

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