Property Maintenance Revolving Fund a good 1st step!

In this week’s City Council Packet comes the information that the City wants to form a Revolving account for Property Maintenance.

In November 2017 I posted a very similar idea:

Time to establish a School “Improvement” Stabilization Fund

One of the constant issues we hear about is the lack of school maintenance. Finding money is always a challenge. I think it is time we look into forming a School”Improvement” Stabilization Fund…..By establishing this account along with a portion of fee’s from rentals, the city and the schools would benefit from having available funds to properly maintain the schools or at least to start to do that.

It’s nice to see that someone reads my blog and runs with an idea! LOL

Honestly I assume this has been in the works for a while and it isn’t exactly the same thing or exclusively for the Schools but for ALL City buildings and properties. I know first hand that many of our Fire Stations are in terrible shape and so is our Police Station and it’s time we find a way to start maintaining them and then establish a preventive maintenance plan for each.

This isn’t a quick fix but a foundation to build on!

I think it is a step in the right direction for the City to finally have some $$ to maintain their buildings and grounds. At the present time this proposal does NOT include using any of the revenue generated from the rentals of School Gyms or Auditoriums. Presently the School Dept. gets to use those funds for some of their needs.

Now my next suggestion which is also from the November post will surely anger the School Administration and some of my fellow Committee members but in November I wrote and still believe : you could also take 25% of the money charged to people who rent the gym’s and schools and assign that dollar figure to this account.

I still think this is a good idea and worth looking into. The City is cash strapped and hasn’t been doing a good job of building maintenance and this fund is a way to begin to address the many needs and having the School Department share just 25% isn’t unfair or unjust in my view. We are NOT RENTERS as one member claims, if we were ALL revenues would go to the City. By offering just 25% it shows that the School Committee is aware that we need to maintain OUR buildings and work WITH the city to do so.

We couldn’t do it this upcoming year but for the 2019/2020 School Year, I think the School Committee should consider it.

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