3rd Annual Celebrity Ice Cream ScoopFest – TODAY!!

Joey M

Today is the 3rd Annual ‘Celebrity” Scoopfest from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm at Shaw Farm in Dracut. ALL proceeds go to the Joey Middlemiss Big heart Foundation.

As a parent I can’t and never want to imagine losing a child and yet Kate and Scott Middlemiss turned that tragedy into a foundation honoring their son and the love he had for so many people.

Joey was born with dilated cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart becomes weakened and cannot pump blood efficiently. Joey’s heart condition soon flipped, however, in a manner that baffled the world’s leading cardiac experts, somehow morphing into hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart becomes too functional, continually working at 80 percent of capacity, causing the walls of the heart to overdevelop, to become dangerously thick. Joey passed away at the age of 6 and his little brother Jack is fighting the same condition.

Scott and Kate along with many many friends and supporters spread Joey’s love through the Big heart Foundation. Donating money to research for cardiomyopathy, sponsoring movie nights and awarding schools and cities with Buddy Benches were a child in need of a friend will sit until someone in his or her peer group joins them and lets them know they have a friend.

PLEASE come for an Ice Cream or to meet Matt Chatam, the Patriots Cheerleaders, Bob Socci the voice of the Patriots on 98.5, Kennedy from Mix, Kendra from Magic or just to see Warren and how great he is doing 8 weeks after his own health issues.

Come watch Dracut Town Manager Jim Duggan , Chelmsford Town Manager Paul Cohen and Lowell City Manager Kevin Murphy work! Yes they will be scooping Ice Cream along with many of the local elected officials from Lowell, Dracut, Chelmsford and Tyngsboro. Leslie Bodor from WCAP will be on hand so please bring an extra $20 so she can get some Ice Cream!

Come and donate to a cause of LOVE that Scott, Kate and the army of Love Network volunteers feel so special about. If you have kids, come and support a very special couple who have turned tragedy into triumph and who spread the love in memory of their son Joey everyday.

I know I ask for donations for many things and you always respond. Being a parent, I am in awe of the strength and love Kate and Scott have and how they not only remember Joey and help others know of him but how they share themselves with so many other families facing tough battles. Any help you can give them by stopping by for an Ice Cream will be greatly appreciated.

Learn more about the Joey Middlemiss Big heart Foundation here and if you can’t make it to Shaw’s tomorrow, PLEASE consider making an on-line donation.

Today the Joey Middlemiss Big heart Foundation will also honor some extraordinary “kids” who “spread the Love” on their own. Here is a look at three of the FIVE amazing children/young adults who are recipients of the Joseph Middlemiss “All You Need is Love” Kindness Award!

Here’s a little information about 3 of these kids from Kate Middlemiss:

Emily Burke: Age 14. Wilmington, MA
Emily is a kind, compassionate, and caring 14 year old who consistently demonstrates her kindness in different ways and without discrimination. She has specifically made a powerful impact on a classmate’s life by being in-tune with her friend’s feelings and specific needs and always offering a helping hand. She has played a life-changing role in this classmate’s life.
Thank you Emily, for starting your own ripple of kindness and making this world a better place!

Jacoby Cascio Age 8 from North Andover, MA. Take a look and be inspired by how he has started his own ripple of kindness to change the world! As described by his family, friends, teachers, and coaches, Jacoby is an “old comforting soul wise beyond his age” who demonstrates his innately compassionate and kind nature through his daily interactions with everyone in his environment. Whether it is through his compassionate interactions with classmates, selfless acts on the field/court, protective nature with family members, or desire to carry out acts of kindness each and every day, Jacoby has a deeply rooted desire to make this world a happier place.

Rosalie Casavant, Age 10, from Dracut, MA.
Rosalie has been involved in numerous initiatives to make her hometown a better place. Following the Boston Marathon bombings, Rosalie organized and executed several local fundraisers to support survivor and former Dracut resident, Roseann Sdoia. Serving as her school’s Community of Caring Student Representative, Rosalie arranged for the founder of Aaron’s Presents to speak at her school. In conjunction with this, she has since applied for funding, received a grant, and has carried out her plan to entertain senior citizens at a local nursing home. Because of her initiative, other students have been able to obtain grants and spread kindness through their own projects.
Congratulations Rosalie! Thank you for making this world a better place and for starting your very own RIPPLE of KINDNESS!!!

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