School Committee needs to clarify these transfers


At the last school committee meeting there was a report that mentioned the increase in revenue in the lunch program. I’m not surprised considering the CEP program and reimbursement the city receives from the Federal Gov’t. Kudos to Supt. K for getting Lowell into the program and to former School Committee member KIM Scott for asking him to pursue it.

I naively thought some of the money would be used to upgrade tables, paint cafeterias and improve the atmosphere in some of the lunchrooms that haven’t seen new items or paint in a long time.

Instead in this week’s School Committee packet are some vague “chargebacks” the Supt. is recommending the Committee to approve.

Reimburse Admin indirect costs For 2015-16 $243,438

Reimburse Tech Services For 2015-16 $151,361

Reimburse custodial cleaning for 2015-16 $653,187

Since there is no paperwork required for students to obtain the free meals and lunch personal have to ring up prices no matter what. What are the “Indirect” admin cost. of over a $200,000 dollars?

What “Technical Services” are involved in serving food, cleaning up or fixing a cash register that would cost $151,361 dollars?

While I disagree that the school dept. should chargeback over half a million dollars in custodial cost, that I can at least understand.

What I really found amusing was in the past year this Supt. and a few School Committee members questioned the City on their chargebacks yet they submit these chargebacks with no back-up documentation in the packet to justify any of it.

1 thought on “School Committee needs to clarify these transfers

  1. It is time for the School Committee to get off their collectives behinds and ask a few questions. Or as the Patriots say “Do your job”

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