Lowell School Asst. Supt’s in-line for $10,000 + $17,000 Raises

Amid rumors of cuts (budget shows a plus 20 in the personal FTE line) it appears the Supt’s office makes out very well in this budget. Which is very interesting because in this week’s School Committee Agenda there is this item in Executive session.

Consideration of contract extensions and language for Assistant Superintendents; Jeannine Durkin & Claire M. Abrams

The proposed budget by the Supt. looks like he has already considered what raises he wants for these positions.

If you compare the salaries in the current budget to the proposed budget on page 17 you will see the salaries listed.

The Supt. makes as much has the City Manager $185,000 and could be eligible for an increase after he has been here a full year and goes through an evaluation.

One Asst. Supt’s salary goes from $127,690 in the 2015/2016 budget book to $145,000 a little over 13% and roughly a 1 year $17,310 increase in the proposed 2016/2017 budget.

The other Asst has to settle for a $10,421 increase going from $135,579 to $144,000 roughly a 6% increase.

The new Business Manager who started in February already makes $145,000 but will be eligible in Feb. for an increase based on the Supt. according to he Sun.

The three-year contract that the School Committee approved for the position begins with a salary of $145,000 for the first year, with the following years negotiated with the superintendent.

Between the $27, 000 increase in the Supt. office, the 20 new people added to the personal budget which includes $50,000 in 10 new assistant coaches, it’s hard to take talks of a tough budget with fiscal restrains serious.

BTW – The City Manager in early March on Saturday Morning Live confirmed he was looking for a way to take out the $100,000 Fee for parking after it as brought to us attention by numerous people including former School Committee members Leahy and Leary.

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