DESE Accounting Page Clear – Transportation not included

Accounting and Auditing (bold mine)

Advisory on School Budgets and Municipal Expenditures

The state’s Chapter 70 school finance formula sets a net school spending (NSS) requirement each year for each operating school district. Districts report their actual spending on the End of Year Financial Report (EOYR). This report is used by the Department to verify compliance with the NSS requirement.

Most expenditures from the school department’s budget count toward meeting the NSS requirement. Notable exceptions include the cost of transporting students to and from school; most capital facility costs; adult education costs; expenditures from grant and revolving funds; and expenditures reimbursed by the state.

Later on the same page spells it out beyond a doubt!

Expenses that should be reported but that do not count toward NSS:

Student Transportation Services (3300) – The cost of providing transportation to public and non public school students once daily to and from school.

It was the Supt. of Schools who pointed out in his budget summary:

The transportation costs are paid by the Lowell Public Schools, however it is the responsibility of the City. This requires an additional amount of $7,819,660 to fund transportation bringing the total budget to $158.4 million

If there is so much concern over the cost of 36 students whose parents teach here in Lowell Where is the concern over the transportation funding. Where is Mayor Kennedy? Where is the grandstanding fiscal watchdog?

Where in the City Budget is the line item for school transportation cost?

Schools do not generate large amounts of revenue. They are dependent on the city or town along with the states Chap. 70 funding to operate and NET School spending is clear that Transportation is not included in Mandated Minimum city contributions or Chapt. 70

Councilor Elliott you have your Manager, you have your Supt., you have your auditor…where is the funding for our school transportation?

Mayor Kennedy, you are the School Committee Chair, why are you not addressing this issue instead of playing along with the anti-Union councilor and wasting time on a minor issue while avoiding this major one?