National Grid expects LOWER Rate – Could help city of Lowell in new Contract

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 3.39.27 PM

The Manager predicated based on current rates that when the city’s Electricity agreement runs out the increase could be 18% or more.

However WCVB today’s shares some good news from National Grid that may help the City !!

National Grid announces sharp drop in electricity rates

BOSTON —The relatively mild winter kept many utility bills lower than what customers experienced during last year’s record cold and snowy winter.

National Grid said Tuesday customers can expect even lower bills for the spring and summer.

The utility company is awaiting approval of new supply rates that would go into effect on May 1.

National Grid says the electricity supply price will be approximately eight cents per kilowatt hour, a drop from the current 13 cents per kWh that is in effect until April 30.

While this applies to residential users, businesses who use more electricity can negotiate rates and usually based on volume can meet or even lower the residential rate (We negotiate electrical rates at the company I work at) this may lessen the increase predicted by the Manager.

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