Thoughts from last nights lesson in Democracy


Last night we saw the power of the people in full action. The Cambodian community turned out last night to defend their heritage and ask the City of Lowell public officials to recognize that heritage and NOT have an official meeting nor accept a gift. The City Council listened and responded.

It was a great example of what a group of people can do to affect their government and should be used has an example going forward. It also highlighted the power of Social media has the organizers were able to get their message out and get that crowd assembled in a week’s time.

Were there elements in attendance and speaking last night intent on making Rady and using this visit has a political issue? SURE just like you find here in the USA with opposite parties. No one should be surprised at that.

I also commend those that spoke last nice in support of the visit and commend both Nichole Pagne and Rithy Uong who asked the crowd to show respect to the opposition and stop the booing and disruption.

I don’t think Rady Mom is in any danger of losing his seat despite last night’s events. His comments on WCAP this morning indicate he was willing to meet the visiting delegation in the name of diplomacy and feels has an elected official it is part of his job. Agree or not with him, he has a right to that view. However it is a cop out and falsehood on his part to say he wasn’t invited to speak. Has a member of the Cambodian Community and has an Elected member who represents a very large part of the community, he should have been there!! No EXCUSE!

What is interesting to me is the fact that besides announced candidates Dave Oullette and Cheth Khim on the Democratic side is the increasing whispering of non-Cambodian residents of the 18th Middlesex district including a former City Councilor and City Council candidate either thinking about running or being asked to consider running.

Is the Democratic Party hedging their bet and trying to line up a possible replacement or will it take the All Hands on Deck approach and work with Rady during the primary? I’m betting on the ALL HANDS approach and will highlight the state money coming into Lowell and hype Rady for his part in it.

The one piece of advise I have for the current State Rep. is that he needs to be “in-district” attending events and meetings more and make sure his staff and he himself returns phone calls, faxes, text messages etc. The biggest knock you hear is he doesn’t respond and I can personally attest that I have experienced that first hand on a couple of occasions.

Kam Kay received some good exposure on this but not enough to be considered a threat for the seat, especially since he is running as a republican. Cheth Khim nor Dave Oullette helped themselves last night. Dave showed up while Cheth did not at least while I was there , neither spoke on the subject.

Interesting that John MacDonald did speak against the visit and did an outstanding job! My 15-year-old daughter who was watching the meeting with me wanted to know who he was and thought he was very good. I sometimes criticize JMAC for things he said but in this instance he deserves praise for his efforts.

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