Warren Shaw, the straw that Stirs the Drink.


straw that stirs the drink – almost always preceded by the) The person who stimulates or inspires a group; the major factor affecting a trend or set of developments.

The Sun had a nice story about the Radionthon on Chris Scott’s Column Blog Wednesday. Today we are celebrating the many people who contributed time, energy, donations etc.

The Radiothon will exceed the goal of $150,000 ..it is a great team effort but on behalf of the many people involved and after being involved myself for the past 4 years we want to tell you this..Warren Shaw is the biggest asset the Salvation Army has, he is the driving force behind the success of the Radiothon, he is the Leader of this band of fundraisers, though you will never hear those words from him..he deflects the work and accomplishments onto others.

He is the guy who reached out and named Fred Simon Chairman for Life. Who got State Rep. Tom Golden to play a huge role, he brought in our musical / entertainment director Paul Belley , Marty Lorrey, Renee Plumber and he is always recruiting more and more people to get involved, share ideas and bring forth something different to keep the Radiothon fresh.

His critics along with some of his friends will say his ego is big enough without me feeding it with this post. The truth is he talks the talk because he backs it up with his actions.

People sometimes mistake cockiness for confidence and Warren has both. He has grown this event year after year and in my four years he has led the team that has raised over half a million dollars for the Salvation Army. Even his worse critics can’t deny the time, work or energy he puts in to make this event so successful.

He will be the first to say it’s a team effort. He will tell you, If we didn’t have Sam Poulton and WCAP none of this would happen, he will tell you of the great work done in the background by Shawn Ashe who developed an outstanding accountability program. He will tell you he couldn’t do this without Fred Simon, Tom Golden, Tom Bomil, Sue Plunkett, Lynda Clarke , Karen Merrill, Paul Belley , Marty Lorrey and the rest of the team.

The fact is he is the straw that stirs the drink, he drives the event, recruits the players and empowers them to be creative and come up with ways to keep it fresh.

This is his Christmas, his Super Bowl, his Election Night. It’s his 6-8 hour radio marathon that gets the community excited and involved. You will not meet many people who care so much about something like he does this event. He is one of the biggest family first guy’s you will meet and his mom, sisters, kids and grandkids are his world. Business is important but family is first! He has made this Salvation Army team an extension of his family.

So while you won’t hear him take credit nor want it, as someone who has had the privilege of having a ringside seat these past 4 years, there is no doubt that Warren Shaw is the Salvation Army of Greater Lowell biggest assets and booster.

Thank You for all you do for those in need and for getting us all involved in this great event.

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