Sometime Compassion and Kindness should prevail over letter of the Law.


I’m ANGRY, upset, frustrated and disappointed. I know the Law is the Law but every once is a while I wish Bureaucratic BULL #*@T would make room for compassion and kindness.

To keep identities hidden and because I don’t know this family’s entire story I’m going to make this as general has I can.

A student who has grown up in Lowell, battled MAJOR Life Threatening Illnesses TWICE before he was in his teens, who found his Mother dead/dying in a Freak Accident and then due to substance abuse by his biological father was for one reason or another removed from the Lowell home he was living in, is being kicked out of LHS even after starting the School year here in Lowell.

He is being forced out by the Administration at LHS/Lowell School Dept because his elderly grandmother who in trying to do the right thing and take him in, lives outside of Lowell so he is being forced out. Why won’t the School System let him finish the school year?

He was honest, admitted where he now lives and is now again suffering through no fault of his own.

I know the Law is the Law, Lowell isn’t a School choice city and although we allow teachers from out of the city to bring in their kids, this kid who has been through hell and back yet is a funny, kind, involved good kid is bent kicked out.

The irony is, if she did not take legal custody of him and he was homeless from Lowell the city would have to educate and pay for his transportation.

Is it to much to ask people to use common sense and show compassion?

Apparently some Bureaucratic by the book heartless authority types see things in black/white and have no room for compassion.

Merry Christmas Kid…GET OUT!

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