Setting the record straight on Vesna Nuon


( The following letter was submitted to the Lowell Sun and has not yet been printed. I was asked to share this so I will)

Dear Editor

What is it about candidate Vesna Nuon that brings out the worst in Christopher Scott? Mr. Scott has repeatedly brought up issues from Vesna’s past to imply that he is not worthy of serving on the Lowell City Council. We would like to set the record straight regarding these issues.

First, regarding the disorderly conduct arrest. The unjustified arrest occurred during a time when there were tensions between the Lowell Police Department and the Asian community.

In a letter made public after the case was over, Vesna’s attorney made it clear that Vesna only wanted an apology from the officer who arrested him and for the Lowell Police Department to implement sensitivity training. Because the case went on for some time, attorneys’ fees mounted — as Vesna’s then attorney, now the Honorable Judge Myong Joun stated, legal fees exceeded $100,000. A federal court ruled that Vesna’s rights were violated, that the police officer had no right to arrest him. The City and Vesna’s lawyers agreed as part of the settlement to provide training for police officers. The negotiation also included a $50,000 payment. This payment, as has been repeatedly stated and can be confirmed by the parties involved, went exclusively toward legal fees. Vesna did not receive any money from this settlement, despite Mr. Scott’s best effort to suggest otherwise when he fails to include all the facts.

Second, regarding his real estate holdings. Vesna promptly addressed every issue that was brought to his attention about his rental property and fully cooperated with City officials. In fact, he made investments that went above code requirements. We think other landlords could follow his lead.

Third, the matter regarding campaign funds was also resolved. This was an unfortunate error in entering information on the website of the Office of Campaign and Political Finance. It was not intended to mislead the Office or to cover illegal contributions. Vesna took full responsibility for the error and learned to correctly enter the information.

We are proud to support Vesna Nuon for City Council and proud that he has the support of two of Massachusetts’ most distinguished politicians, Congresswoman Niki Tsongas and Attorney General Maura Healey, who see Vesna for the good he can bring to Lowell.
Nancy Greene
Judith Durant

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