Citywide Parent Meeting TONIGHT!


Advocate – publicly recommend or support.

Lowell Citywide Parent Council – The mission of the CPC is to involve parents in the educational issues in the Lowell public schools. The Lowell CPC offers parents a communication link to the Lowell School Committee and the Lowell Public Schools administration. Every parent of a child in the Lowell public schools is automatically a member of the Citywide Parent Council.

Please Join us tonight at 6:30 at the Robinson School, 110 June Street in Lowell.

I’m sure you have all heard about our attempt to relaunch the Citywide Parent Council. I firmly believe that parents need to advocate for their students and there are a lot of challenges facing this Superintendent, the upcoming school committee and the city in regards to many educational issue.

In no particular order , Net School Spending, Breakfast/Lunch program, Busing/Neighborhood schools, Time used for Lunch/Recess, Inclusion/Diversity , Taking away recess as a form of discipline, teacher training/willingness of teachers to train on new equipment, school security, the new MCAS/PARCC testing, opioid education, need for modular / portable classrooms , pros/cons of half days and many more I’m sure.

According to the by-laws in effect back when this group started the purpose of CPC was to (1) involve parents in addressing and responding to issues in the Lowell Public Schools pertaining to educational standards, equity, minority isolation and other education-related issues; (2) provide an open forum for discussions regarding school issues and voted policies; (3) provide a mechanism for parent representation; and (4) give its members the responsibility of keeping their respective schools informed.

If you don’t think you can make a difference, just look at what those who wanted the Concealed Carry requirements to change, together, advocating for change, they made headway. We as parents can be a stronger, louder force on many of these issues.

It only will work if we have a diverse group of parents from all sections of the city, from all economic and educational backgrounds, from all of the various ethnic communities we have here in Lowell.

A true Citywide parent group needs to show our students and our city that we may all come from different ethnic, economic, educational and social backgrounds but we can come together to advocate, support and strengthen our educational system here in Lowell with support from the current Superintendent, his administration and the school committee.

It will NOT be easy, it may not be immediate and it may not be exactly what individually you or I want but it will be a strong voice of a majority of interested parents willing to work together for the betterment of public education here in Lowell.

Agenda for Monday Meeting.
1) Welcome and Overview of Citywide Parent Council
2) Introduction of those who have agreed to serve on Executive Council and brief comments by each
3) Introduction and Thanks to any guest in attendance (School Committee or Administration)
4) Moderated open discussion – Listening to concerns, interest of those in attendance.
5) Discussion on best day/times for future meetings