‪#‎fixtheroof‬ – Lowell High Seniors disappointed AGAIN!


People have known about a leaking roof at the field house for a while…why isn’t the CITY who is responsible to make repairs fixing this? It is a known issue..will it take a slip and fall on a wet floor and someone suing for gross negligence to get this fixed?

Where is the present School Committee and where are the challengers calling for this to be fix. So far Dennis Mercier is the only challenger who has mentioned Lowell needs to do a better job maintaining their schools.

This was posted by an upset parent on the Lowell Citywide Parent Facebook Page!

So for the second time this volleyball season, the game had to get canceled because the gym roof was leaking. Again, this is not the first time it has Happened. It has happened every year during basketball season and they have yet to fix it. It ruined the Senior Night for the Girls.

Yes we had the ceremony but it wasn’t the same. When is enough enough? How many times does it have to happen before someone finally does something?

It is an embarrassment to the High School and the City of Lowell. So disappointed. Tonight was suppose to be special for Lexi, Tammy, Saung and Natalia. It saddens me to know that when they look back on senior night, they will be filled with a sense of disappointment not school pride. ‪#‎fixtheroof‬ Please share, the more people we can make aware of the situation the better!

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