Now ISN’T the time for Political Pettiness! It’s a time to Talk to our kids.

In the age of Social Media venting your anger is a costly mistake. Most know that I know this first hand.

I was STUPID and made a post that included an ill-mannered reference about being on your knees to an unknown person who hid their identity which later was used by DEB FORGINE OF THE PAWTUCKETVILLE CITIZEN COUNCIL to beat me up and embarrass me when I was going to serve the city on the election commission. Several city councilors received her email along with the SUN and I had many stories and post about how I was part of the war on women and a narcissists. Doesn’t matter that I didn’t know who I was posting about or that I was angry or that I had defended the female asst. city clerk, the Supt. of Greater Lowell Tech or a city Councilors daughter on my BLOG on multiple occasions all that mattered is I posted a stupid comment on Social media and it came back to bite me hard!

When we were growing up, we didn’t have social media so we didn’t have to worry about social media. If I told my buddy so and so was a jerk, he might agree and he might tell a friend and so on but usually it was a limited number of people that heard about it and when the person I said it about heard it, they either confronted me and we talked/fought it out or they said Hell he’s a bigger JERK than I am and all his friends repeated it or they ignored it. Now it seems that when anyone says anything negative or hateful EVERYONE knows and it’s all over social media, regular media and television. You get back a hundred time worse than you give.

Has a community we need to be aware of situations that occur but more importantly we also have to find strength together has a community and work together to show our kids and outsiders that we are not a divided community despite how it may seem because of an incident like this.

In the next few days many will talk or read about some racist, vile, degrading, borderline threatening, derogatory comments made by a few LHS Seniors.

The comments are uncalled for, hate speech and vile

I’m not defending either the comments or the students that said/texted/tweeted or whatever them nor do I totally absolve the parents / guardians of those students. The students hear what parents say in the privacy of their home even when we think they aren’t listening. Somewhere along the line those parents screwed up and said things they hopefully regret.

Who among us has not? Especially in anger!

Above all what we don’t need is ANY Elected politician using this incident for petty political payback. This has NOTHING to do with Nepotism, There was as far has I can tell ZERO attempt to cover this situation up. This has and should have NOTHING to do with Politics.. it has everything to do with us has parents looking at ourselves and what we say and what we teach our kids by our on words and teaching at home. It is a oppertunity to talk with our kids and reinforce respect for others and reviewing their and our own speech and the power words have and how what we put out in words on Social Media is with us forever. Something my kids have seen first hand and the damage that can be caused to the person you say something about and has a result then back on you.

I know because my daughter is a student there that the High School is addressing this and taking it as seriously has it is. ALL students are talking with teachers regardless of what grade they are in about the power of language and social media , about respect and the responsibilities that each individual has to control what they say/post.

I’m also confident that the High School Administration will learn from this, learn who should be notified and review their procedures and I’m also sure the School Committee will want to address bullying issues to include Hate speech.

I’m hoping those students who said these things learn from it , apologize face to face and on Social media and spend some time with the people they said it about, learn about their culture and struggles and see first hand how excited and proud they are to be living in the United States, something that most of us and our children sadly take for granted.

So before we use this terrible incident for petty political payback, before we condemn these students, their parents or the school administration let’s remember those times WE SAID or Posted something we regret and hope that all of us in the community, the LHS students, staff City Administration, Elected Officials, parents and friends of all students involved in any way, take a step back , pause and think before posting or talking.

Let’s not make this any worse than it already is.

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