Throwback Thursday – Lowell School Adjustment Counselor’s

This story involves my Uncle Walter, who ended up a history teacher at the High School Dr. Nutter. Originally he was an “adjustment Councilor” someone who worked with troubled students to try and help them get acclimated or adjusted to School Life.

The story goes that at the time Supt. Sharfman disliked Robert Forsely (more than likely because of his brother Victor) who was one of the 4 people to hold that position so to get rid of him, he wiped them all out. I remember my Uncle driving in from Dracut every day, signing in at the School dept. on Appleton st. being sent home and stopping by a few days a week for coffee with my dad.

They all ended up with jobs in the school system but it was a few years of fighting to get there.



Walt 2