Great start for new Lowell Supt. Khelfaoui -giving all students a free Breakfast and Lunch


If people had any concerns about whether Supt.Khelfaoui would be good for the school system, his first public decision should alleviate that.

The Supt. has shown a willingness to listen to a parents concern (some may say week long rant) along with the support of School Committee member Kim Scott (another parent) and revisited the CEP program which allows school districts the opportunity to give EVERY STUDENT a free breakfast and lunch through this federally funded program.

The program was given a cursory look by the last administration but they “had concerns” about how and if it affected other funding and Chapt. 70 funds.

Supt.Khelfaoui along with Business Manager Frank Antonelli went the extra step and schedule meetings in Boston to hear first hand the ins and outs of the program and have chosen to recommend Lowell participate beginning this school year.

Parents in Lowell seem to be in total support judging from today’s Lowell Sun Facebook Post which has over 615 likes and 175 shares to their online story.

Lowell schools will provide free breakfast, lunch

It is a fine start for this Supt. that he not only starts the School year but his tenure with such a fabulous impact on the students and families of the city.

It shows his willingness and support to listen, learn and react to suggestions that help the entire Lowell School System.

A very promising start to Supt. Khelfaoui time here in Lowell.

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