Begin to work on a long-term plan for Lowell Public Schools?


Lowell School Committee member Steve Gendron was very clear, he wanted former Deputy Supt. Jay Lang to be the New Lowell Superintendent. When that did not happen he did not hide his disappointment when speaking to a Sun reporter.

Although Khelfaoui can still do the job, Gendron said the district missed an opportunity to promote a qualified homegrown candidate.

“He’s demonstrated during his interview that he’s a qualified individual and passionate about the city, passionate about the school system,” he said. “We should be promoting from within when we have a qualified candidate.”

Gendron said he examined the candidates thoroughly and found the local internal candidate was the “easy choice.”

“It’s just disappointing to me because I think Jay Lang’s going to be a superintendent someplace, he’s that talented,” he said. “But unfortunately it’s not going to be now in Lowell, and I think he was ready.

Although Khelfaoui can still do the job, that isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement nor pledge of support by Gendron for the new Superintendent.

Dr. Khelfaoui has been in his new position since July 1st, he does NOT have a permanent Asst. Supt. of finance , he is still learning the difference between the McAvenue and McAuliffe School and 3 of the four committee members who voted for him will definitely be gone after December 31st.

So with 8 weeks under his belt, the fact he will have at least 4 or 5 new School Committee
members has his boss in another 8 weeks and he is trying to get familiar with the district, business and political communities Committeman Steve Gendron decided that he has been in place long enough for Gendron to file this motion.

by Steve Gendron]: Request the Superintendent begin to work on a long-term plan for Lowell Public Schools.

Is that vague enough? How long is long-term? A plan for what? Curriculums? School buildings? Finances? Staffing? enrollment? improving test scores? A new high school? or All of the above?

When is he supposed to have this planned completed? Before or after this committee is gone in December?

What is Gendron trying to do? Set this Supt. up to fail by putting forth such a vague motion with no direction or timeline? Is 8 weeks in place with only 1 official School Committee meeting enough time for this Supt. to have a real sense of the district and is it enough time for him to begin putting any long-term plan together?

What is Gendron trying to do and is he being fair and supportive of Supt.Khelfaoui?

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