Legal Gun Owners not giving up the right to carry in Lowell

If I was a City Council Challenger, I’d be busting my tale to work with this group and press the Manager, Council and Supt. of Police for a response to these Law Abiding citizens. To keep ignoring them is wrong and only encourages them to carry illegal because this Council who supposedly is for Public Safety is handcuffing Law Abiding Citizens simply because they live in Lowell. Are they trying to drive them out in favor of those who carry illegally? Here is a copy of the latest newsletter to those law abiding citizens who want the legal right to carry.

Hello Friends,

Thank you to all the Lowell residents who recently signed up for updates on this important issue. Here is a quick note to get you all up to speed:

It is now 7 months since we first brought this issue to the City Council. So far, we have heard no response from Chief Taylor, nor has anything changed in the city.

We need to make sure that our local officials know we are watching them. In order to make sure our officials know we are, many of residents on this list have been calling City Hall asking for updates.

I ask you to join them and inquire to anyone at City Hall why your rights are still being ignored.

All you need to do is call the offices listed below and ask whoever picks up the phone for an update on the change in the City’s policy. Ask about:
Tell them it has been 7 months since we first brought this before the City Council
How long it’s going to take
Most importantly: Make sure to ask that we see the policy changes before anything goes to the Council floor.

Here are the numbers you can call:

City Mayor/City Council: 978-674-4040

City Clerk: 978-674-4161

City Manager: 978-674-1000

The more calls they receive, the more important they will see this issue is, the faster they will work to get this resolved.

If you would like to call, simply respond to this message to let me know that you will call. Please give me an update afterwards to let me know what information you received.

Let’s keep it up!

As always, feel free to respond to this message if you have any questions.

2 thoughts on “Legal Gun Owners not giving up the right to carry in Lowell

  1. My question is the same as Mill Gal. Isn’t there a lawsuit out there? If so, how much do we stand to spend as it wends its way up toward the US Supreme Court? And, can we stand the answer when we get it?

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