Time for Centralville Community to respond


I’m 52 and have lived here in Centralville for about 48 of those years. I spent summers at McPherson Park, in high school we would walk from Humphrey St. to St. Michael’ls CYO drop in and home at 11:00 pm. I worked at KFC (now Top Donut), CVS (was Landmark Video), St. Michaels Rectory, Mannings Package Store and the Tavern at the Bridge. I’ve never been concerned walking to my cousins house when they lived on Coburn or Jewet St., walking to Nana’s on Lakeview Ave or to St. Louis Field to play basebAll. I’d close the Tavern at 2:00 am and walk home at 3:00 am when I lived on Abetdeen St.

That was a longtime ago and our kids and our neighbors wouldn’t do that now on a bet. Most won’t walk up their street never mind walk to the park.

We has a community need to work with the city and reclaim this neighborhood, if not back to those days than at least to a point were you can play outside or walk to the park or bridge st to a store without fear of being harassed or gunfire.

Join your neighbors, your neighborhood leaders, your City Officials and the Lowell Police who want to help ALL OF US and Our NEIGHBORHOOD Tonight at a Community Meeting.

Let’s meet at the East End Club Parking Lot tonight at 5:00 pm and let the Police and elected / appointed Officials know your concerns and fears and walk with us to ” Eagles Park”. (If your “old” like me) Monsignor Keenan Park or The Waterworks @ 95 West Sixth St.

You can meet the group there at 6:30 if you can’t make it to the East End. It’s YOUR NEIGHBOOD !

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