Throwback Thursday – How a former Councilor got re-elected


I had the pleasure of talking with former LRTA Chair / Mayor / City Councilor Bob Maguire last Friday for a couple hours and heard some great stories about how Bob got re-elected to the City Council in 1977 after being off the council. Bob used facts and his record and reminded the voters of what he had done while in office and what the present council was or was not doing.

I did a little research and found these great Political ads from the 1977 race that Bob used.

The expansion of the Prince Factory and an access road for the Prince Factory was a hot issue and probably cost Brendan Fleming his council seat. This was just one issue that Bob used in his election and used the issue to run a very clever ad.

Maybe Joe Mendonca or Vesna Nuon can use this for inspiration has they try and return.


Here are other ads appealing to the elderly, against tax increases , for Public investment in police and fire facility etc.

ElderlyNot a councilorstoodRiverPromises

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