Rob Palmer accuses former Dracut Officials of “mismanagement and misappropriation of revenue and funds”


Meet Rob ” I stole the name Dracut Forum” Palmer who hides his identity and takes unfounded shots at people on his stolen titled Facebook page with ZERO knowledge of facts on a regular basis.

He gets upset at me when I post about Dracut on our Saturday Morning Live Facebook page. I guess since I live in Lowell in his view I’m not supposed to comment.

In his latest post he takes issue with me for having the nerve to question Town Manager Jim Duggan’s poorly worded comments about the past in dracut –

“The money has to come from somewhere … I can’t und undo years of when better decisions could have been made,” Duggan said.

Rob Palmer then goes on to accuse previous Selectmen and TMs.of “mismanagement and misappropriation of revenue and funds”

Yet provides zero proof or evidence to support those serious unjust and unwarranted accusations against past Selectman and Manager Dennis Piendak,

Where are the facts or where is the evidence that justifies your claim in the post? On what grounds do you base your opinion that previous selectman and Dennis Piendak misappropriated Revenue and Funds? Where is there any spec of evidence to support such an outlandish claim?

Have you even spoken to Jim Duggan? Are you trying to imply or make readers think that the Dracut Town Manager agrees and supports these statements?

You write: After all, Duggan is only speaking the truth. Where in his comments does he say ANYTHING about “mismanagement and misappropriation of revenue and funds” ?

I challenge you to show 1 instance of any newspaper, radio or reported lawsuit charging any recent Selectman or Dracut Town Manager with “mismanagement and misappropriation of revenue and funds” ..not your opinion since you are not qualified to be a Town manager, Selectman or municipal finance expert.

Show people REAL FACTUAL Proof of misappropriation of funds or other charges to back up this unfounded attack on people who have served the Dracut Community or retract and remove that part of your post.

I could care less what you say about me (The SUN reaches far more people and in 8 article and 2 Editorials had a lot to say about me) but to accuse public officials, some like Mr. Z who gave up their stipend, of “mismanagement and misappropriation of revenue and funds” without any proof or evidence to back up your statements is highly reprehensible and offensive.

I myself have called out people for their actions but I have based it on facts and shown those facts.

EXample: John Zimini has been associated with the Convicted disbarred Chelsea mayor who got him both a city and state job. He gave money and shamefully used his family to give money to the former Lt Gov who at Mike McLaughlin request, also got him a job. The same Lt. Gov who’s own political career was ruined and who was forced to resign after he cracked up his car due to his buddy and Zimini friend Mike McLaughlin admitting to falsifying records and who is serving time in jail.

What you have done is open yourself up to a Libel suite – a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation. Should Mr. Piendak or any former Selectman even care what you had to say.

Typing the words: In the end this is just our opinion…… doesn’t absolve you.

I Didn’t know Mr.Piendak, he wasn’t my Manager but I respected he did his job for 25+ years in a tough town with very tough fiscal constraints. Didn’t really know Selectman like Mr. Ray Rowe or Jack DiTillo, Doug Willett and I didn’t even know Warren Shaw or Mary Rowe when they were Selectman.

I got to meet gentleman like George Malliaros ,John Zimini and Bobby Cox, and had some disagreements with all at one time or another but all appeared to me to have the best interest of the town in mind and even when I didn’t agree with the 3 (on different things) they never appeared nor as far has I can find out have ever been charged with misappropriation of revenue and funds like you accuse them of in your post.

I also ask, who is the We’re and the OUR you refer to? You keep mentioning we and our in your post yet like you, hide any identities of these supposed others. Are speaking for your wife and family? friends? co-workers? other disgruntled residents? Are you making up people? Who is the We’re certain and OUR opinion?

Here is the Rob Palmer Post that I am referring to:

Here we go again. Gerry Nutjob commenting on Dracut issues.

This time he has a problem with current Town Manager’s comment about fixing years of decisions by previous Selectmen and TMs.

After all, Duggan is only speaking the truth. And sometimes the truth hurts.

We’re willing to bet he has gone through the budget with a fine tooth comb and has uncovered so much mismanagement and misappropriation of revenue and funds that he obviously cannot fix it overnight. And that it will take time to do.

Maybe Gerry Nuthead had his hand in Piendak’s back pocket as well. In the end this is just our opinion……

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