Has Lang been Interviewing for the last 3 years? Does that hurt him with 3 members?


Someone made the comment to me that Jay Lang has been “interviewing” for the Superintendent position for the last 3 years.

Is that an advantage of a disadvantage? Does he work closely enough with the present School Committee for any member to judge how he would be as the Superintendent versus how he responds / acts as the Deputy?

That would probably depend on how you feel about Jay and the job he has done as Deputy Supt. of Finance.

I don’t recall anyone claiming that Jean Franco had been interviewing with the Committee while she served as Asst. Supt.

Why is that NOW being claimed about Lang?

What we do know just from GOOGLING Jay’s name is that according to Sun stories, there are at least Three School Committee members who have had some issue with Jay.

Dave Conway – Putting aside the supposed issue of the director of information, communication and technology services job , because Conway by LAW has absolutely NO SAY in that,Conway once blasted Lang for the Net School Spending shortfall in 2014:

“I find it disturbing that between City Manager Bernie Lynch and the School Department’s business manager, Jay Lang, that they couldn’t identify that the city was $3.8 million below net school spending as required by state law and rectify the situation,” he said. “This mismanagement needs to be fixed.”
Conway has filed a motion for Wednesday’s School Committee meeting calling for a report on the total impact to the schools’ programs and staff as result of any “financial mismanagement” in the last five years. He also wants a report on the financial impact to the schools of not meeting the net school spending requirement at any point in the last five years.

Making statements claiming “financial mismanagement” and stating that “This mismanagement needs to be fixed.” certainly isn’t a ringing endorsement of the Deputy Superintendent.

Kim Scott & Kristin Ross-Sitcawich – While you could say Scott & Ross-Sitcawich didn’t have a direct problem with Lang over performance, they certainly called his ethics into question with Nepotism references and motions:

School Committee member Kim Scott is drafting an anti-nepotism regulation for the School Department after learning that a second close relative of Deputy Superintendent Jay Lang has been promoted to a higher-paying job.

Lang’s younger sister, Jill Lang, has been hired as the new director of the Freshman Academy at the high school. Less than a year ago, Lang’s wife, Lori, was selected as the new assistant principal at the Pyne Arts Magnet School.

Jill Lang’s hiring proves regulation is needed, Scott said.

“There certainly is an appearance of a conflict,” said Scott,

School Committee member Kristin Ross-Sitcawich said “nepotism is rampant” in the School Department and added that Scott’s proposal is needed. and later in the article she states “It kind of creates a toxic workplace.”

Allegedly this wasn’t direct just at Lang (Neary’s – Murphy’s and many others also have many family ties) but it came at a time and has a result of members of Jay’s family all who were qualified getting promotions.

Does his answers to any of their questions in the upcoming Interview really matter? Does his performance in their eyes already put him at a disadvantage?

You could (and some will in defense of others) ask if Gendron,Leary and Martin give Lang an advantage coming into this process because of how they feel he has performed in his present job.

That could also be true.

My question is will any ask the other candidates about some of the challenges they had already? Can you imagine after saying Dr. Chris SCOTT didn’t communicate well this happening to the Lowell Committee?

(Pope) the former superintendent was directly responsible for the district’s failure to file a mandated high school accreditation report and he was insubordinate when questioned about this matter by the School Committee.

Maybe Conway would support Dr. Cash and his stand to make sure the School Dept. gets all the Net School Spending they are supposed to: In July of 2011, Dr. Cash and the School Board threatened to delay the first day of school because the city owed the district money. The city later paid MCS $3 million, so school could start.

3 thoughts on “Has Lang been Interviewing for the last 3 years? Does that hurt him with 3 members?

  1. You mean he waited his turn?

    It would serve Lang and Lowell, if he were to step away from Lowell and take a Supt position in another municipality. After displaying, and improving, his leadership potential; he could come back to Lowell in the manner Jerry describes.

    Since there is a political cloud around Lang, it would behoove him to prove that his mettle is of the stuff that would be valued anywhere, not just among his bubs. Lang isn’t ancient. He has time to do this and return for his cherry on top, the Lowell Supt position.

  2. First of all, why is it Jay Lang’s fault that he wasn’t hired previously? Obviously, in the three years leading up to this opportunity he has either been denied because of political pettiness or was passed over for a more qualified candidate. In either case, it was the decision of those on the Lowell School Committee who made that decision – NOT Jay Lang. Clearly, he continues to improve his qualifications with respect to this lofty position and as a Lowellian who continues to stay as opposed to leaving for much greener pastures Jay Lang should be lauded for his efforts not chastised for his performance. Secondly, at a time when Lowell High School is on the cusp of a possible change in location and state funding is an absolute necessity why wouldn’t and why shouldn’t the next Superintendent of Schools be someone with a financial background as well as a local person committed to his community. Lastly, I would be hard pressed to find any political figure, including the City Manager and members of the City Council or any long term employee of the City of Lowell who does not have relatives in the Lowell Public School System. In fact, I for one, am thankful I did have relatives who cared about the quality of education and the students they taught and continue to teach each and every day. Perhaps, if given the chance Jay Lang would make every LHS graduate proud of what can be accomplished by someone who truly cares about the quality of education for every student in the Lowell Public School System. Jay Lang has worked hard to get where he is today and the students in the Lowell Public School System have prospered as a result of his efforts; it time Jay Lang be given that same level of respect and dignity for a job well done!

  3. I cannot speak for the rest of the people out there – but I am tired of this School Committee and the one before that. I am tired of seeing good leadership being driven away by petty nonsense from certain committee members. I would like to say, that I believe that Lang is the best choice for the job. The so-called nepotism is all over this city and has been as long as I can remember. If the applicants are qualified for the position and have the needed background. , that’s all I want to know. There is more than one city out there where education (or something else) is in the family genes.

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