Sharing the love run – Tara Bedard’s story


I told you about Tara Bedard and her many talents, including running the Boston Marathon for the first time with Dana Farber for her Mom- Aunt and in memory of her Godmother. Tara is a great photographer, teacher and a great writer.

This is her top 10 list about running the Marathon but click here to see the entire story and it’s not to late to donate.

Here’s Tara:

I could write a book about being a first time marathoner but I am going to sum it up in a top 10 things I learned yesterday…

10. The human spirit is amazing and people are incredibly kind to one another. One of my favorite quotes by Kathrine Switzer (who we met at the expo) “If you’re losing faith in humanity, come out and watch a marathon.” It’s so true. The things I witnessed yesterday, I will never forget.

8. The spectators have so much fun cheering us on. They carried me through!! Out there drenched in that brutal weather that wouldn’t quit. And the things they take the time to say… they yell your name over and over, they chant your name, they tell you you’re beautiful, they tell you not to quit, they yell Let’s go Red Sox if you happen to be wearing a Red Sox hat. They tell you it’s not much further.

7. Wellesley college is the fastest mile. I high fived every one of those girls and even got a few hugs. They were amazing. And you can hear them a mile away.

6. Any little kid standing out there in the rain got a high five or a hug from me. They were amazing.

5. Having the most amazing friends and family at miles…10, 19, 20, 25 and at the finish made it impossible to want to quit. For every chunk of the marathon that I got through, I knew I had someone waiting for me at the next. You all made it possible.
Thank you so much Niki & Hodge and Kids!
Thank you Jeff & Dave!
Thank you Dawn and Family!
Thank you Lori & Kubryn!
Thank you Carl & Abby!
Thank you Tonya!
Thank you Tingas, Q, Josh, Joshlyn, Wade, Dixie, Leigha, A!!
Thank you Sandy & DFMC!
Thank you Mum, Dad, Colin, Bri!
Thank you everyone who has supported me from day one. You mean the world to me! And for those of you out there who I didn’t see, I love you too and I know hearing my name screamed got me to the finish!

4. Running a few miles with team members was such an awesome and uplifting experience. Thank you Dana Farber.
This is what it’s all about.

3. On Heartbreak Hill the wind pushed me back so hard I was walking and an older man ran up behind me yelling, Run for Shirley, come on! We are gonna run for Shirley you and me right now, let’s go! To the top! We can do it! Shirley needs us to! After swallowing the huge lump in my throat I ran up Heartbreak Hill for Shirl and with that awesome man.

2. I cried so much. I cried at every familiar face. I cried at the sight of the Citgo sign. I cried at Right on Hereford, Left on Boylston because that left is truly so amazing. I cried. All happy tears.

1. When I saw my parents and Bri and Col at the finish I wanted to hug them and never let go. But I had to cross that line. And it was everything that everyone has said it would be and then some. I can’t even put it into words.
I’m still speechless.
I ran the Boston Marathon.

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