Running 26 miles for Love -Tara Spellissy Bedard


I want to introduce you to a remarkable, kind, loving, talented and overall amazing young women named Tara Spellissy Bedard.

Tara is a proud daughter (Bernie and Donna), loving wife (to Brian Bedard) , a doting Mom, a SUPER Lowell School teacher who loves her job and her students and she is also an amazing photographer! Tara’s smile can light up a room and she has a heart of gold.

Like Many of us Tara has seen CANCER strike her family, often and fatally. Her Mom is a Cancer survivor so is her Aunt Judy Regan and she lost her aunt / godmother, my friend Shirley Cyr to Cancer.


Tara knows the helpless feeling you have watching people fight and has seen the CLARK WOMEN (Donna, Judy and Shirl’s) fighting spirit. That inspired this very busy women to take the time to train and run the Boston Marathon for all the people is her life who have fought this truly horrible disease. She is also a much better writer than I could ever imagine being and has chronicled her challenges in training in a blog – The Road to Boston

So has Monday approaches, keep her in your thoughts and prayers has she runs for the love of family and against the disease of Cancer.

I ask you if you could, please donate to Tara’s run click on this link and help support Tara in her love run to help in the fight against this horrible disease.

I’ve told you how amazing this young women is and you can read about why she runs,in her own words:

I got accepted to run Boston for Dana Farber in November. In October I completed my first Half Marathon and when I finished I knew I had to run Boston. But not just run Boston, I had to run Boston for Dana Farber. For Shirley Clark Cyr for Donna Spellissy for Judi Clark Regan. 3 beautiful sisters. 3 different cancers. And this run has become so much more for so many more.

There are so many people in my life fighting this battle or who have lost their battle. I hate cancer. I’ve spent the past 4 months of Friday nights gearing up for my long run Saturdays (Sometimes Sundays) I’ve spent the last 4 months overanalyzing every decision I make.

Bedtimes, water intake, food, short runs, long runs, pain management, hours of sleep, the list goes on. It’s been an amazing journey with so many memories, tears shed, new friends made and moments shared. Tomorrow officially, marks the final run before the big day with this amazing team and this beautiful volunteer who lost so much but gives us everything. She gives us her time, her inspiration, her strength, her love, her laughs, her hugs and her ability to just keep going. It’s been the coldest, harshest, craziest winter in a long time. We’ve run in sleet, snow, hail, rain, blizzard like conditions, below freezing temps and for the entire 4 months, she’s stood in all of this with a crew of others, braving the brutal New England weather because she loves this team. I could not do this without you. Sandra Cohan Dubuc. Our last drive in tomorrow! I promise to keep the questions to a minimum and the tears at bay. #BostonStrong. #MattyStrong

I can’t tell you how thankful I will be at Mile 25 on 4.20.15 — with Shirley Clark Cyr, Donna Spellissy, Sandra Cohan Dubuc and Judi Clark Regan.


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