Meet the Supt. Candidates Part 1 – Dr Khelfaoui and Dr Pope (WOW)

Here is a quick Google search of 2 Supt Canidates.

1) Dr Salah Khelfaoui has been the superintendent of Winchendon Public Schools since 2012. Before that, he was the assistant superintendent for Arlington Public Schools in Virginia starting in 2010. Other employment includes working as the director of information systems for school districts in Massachusetts, special assistant to the vice president of Zayed University in Dubai, and managing director of the Innovative Center for Excellence in Dubai.
The majority of his teaching experience was as an associate professor in the school of business at Manhattan College in New York from 1990 to 2000.
Khelfaoui earned his bachelor’s in business and finances from the University of Algiers in Algeria in 1977. In 1979 he received his master’s in management science from the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. Later, he earned his Ph.D. in industrial engineering/operations research at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1986.

He is also presently a finalist in NH for Unit 29 which covers the Chesterfield, Harrisville, Keene, Marlow, Marlborough, Nelson and Westmoreland school districts. The new leader of the unit will succeed Superintendent Wayne E. Woolridge, who will retire at the end of the school year.

2) Dr Anthony Pope Dr. Anthony Pope, an educational consultant and former superintendent of Marlborough Public Schools;

During his time in Marl­borough, Pope drafted a long-range strategic plan, updated curriculum, developed STEM education, and executed a major realignment of grades.

He also has some well-documented performance failures in Marlborough During is second and final year on the job, Pope stood accused of grossly unprofessional behavior and conduct, unjust termination of staff, provoking a conflict with students, dishonesty and insubordination with the School Committee, poor handling of the budget, and negligence in his oversight of an important high school accreditation report.

In fact, the former superintendent was directly responsible for the district’s failure to file a mandated high school accreditation report and he was insubordinate when questioned about this matter by the School Committee. “This was a poor example and a breakdown of leadership with Dr. Pope at the helm,” commented Katherine Hennessy during a meeting last May. “I am dumbfounded that we as a School Committee needed to call a special meeting to get some motion going.”

Perhaps the most well-known act of misconduct by Pope was an alarming January 2012 confrontation. During a visit to the high school, numerous witnesses reported that Pope instigated a conflict with students in an attempt to silence their support of a popular administrator, Adam Bakr, who the superintendent was attempting to terminate. “I’m not going to hurt (the students), I’m just going to scare them,” said Pope, according to witness testimony. “If you scare three of them, you scare all of them,” he added.

The School Committee has agreed to pay former Superintendent Anthony Pope nearly $100,000, according to a separation agreement released Friday.

The city will pay Pope $99,078.92, the agreement states, in exchange for the parties agreeing not to sue each other and for Pope acknowledging that the city would not approve any application for unemployment.

The document states that the agreement “is being executed by all parties as a means of resolving any and all potential claims that have arisen or may arise of out Dr. Pope’s employment.”

The document, which appears to have been written by the School Committee, twice makes reference to a medical condition “asserted” by Pope’s doctor in a June 19 letter.

Since 1998, Pope has held ten jobs, most for about a year or less.” The MSJ article further reports that “While the details about his transition from earlier jobs is unknown, he left under a cloud of controversy from both of his two most recent jobs, as principal of W

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