BUY the DAM / BOOT ? NOT a Possibility!!


Look I understand that some people for whatever reason LOVE plywood and hate the idea that a bladder DAM will better control the water…but to actually float an idea that it would somehow be a logical step or even a fiscally responsible idea to buy the thing from ENEL or my real favorite part – TAKE IT BY EMINENT DOMAIN is just dumb dumb dumb.

Here are 2 Main points that so far I haven’t seen addressed:

A) The “City” would have to pay the value of the rest of the power sales agreement that currently exists with Commonwealth Electric (I think they run until 2025), PLUS pay any potential future power sales contract value, PLUS pay for the cost of the equipment and real estate. The sale would also require FERC approval since the plant is licensed via FERC.

No way can the City, State or even a private party (Let’s get BAIN to buy it- hello Deval, can you help us out?) ever afford the multi-millions of dollars that would entail, and no way FERC will allow transfer of the license to unqualified parties.

B) Since Boott Hydropower operates under a Federal FERC license, they (Boott)hold FEDERAL Eminent Domain rights. Neither the City nor State has any control over this. As a matter of fact, the eminent domain powers have been used in the past by Federal licensees to take surrounding lands at licensed dams using federal eminent domain powers.

So write all the letters you want and get some people riled up and believing that this could happen but just as I stated that the Bladder Dam was inevitable so to is the fact that ENEL is here to stay.

BUY the Hydro

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