Warren Shaw responds to Sunday Notes


My Saturday morning partner and and I don’t always agree (despite what some think) but since he is a respected Dracut Elder Statesman I thought his response deserved to be shared.

Gerry- so they don’t think we indulge in group think… I want to disagree with your take on the Dracut situation.

I think Tami is doing the right thing as a member of the board .People are more upset with this situation than anything in my memory and they want something done.

I don’t for a second think anyone at Cathy’s property would do anything intentional to hurt animals, but clearly proper animal care was not practiced and it was observed by passers by. The animal control officer did her job and attempted to resolve the matter …It wasn’t

The folks that are concerned about a rush to judgement should read the report…

The BOS did not ask for this , but they are the leaders of the community and can’t run from this.

This situation has the potential to make the town politically chaotic if it isn’t handled correctly and that benefits no one – It needs to be dealt with soon
We haven’t even heard “I’m sorry” yet

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