Observations on Auditors Report in Council Packet.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 3.24.33 PM

There isn’t a lot on this week’s City Council Agenda but there is a report from the Auditor and it leaves me (and I assume others) with some questions that I would like to see addressed.

I was under the impression that you could NOT OVERSPEND ACCOUNTS (except Snow and Ice) without either transferring in funds or at the very least, informing the Council and addressing how they will get funded.

Snow and Ice as shown in the screen shot above is Approx. $3,269,738.70 Over budget which everyone knew.

But the Sick Leave Buyback is $584,099.00 Over budget and a line item named Essex County Tech is $23,509 Over budget. How do these get paid?

Also under the Cemetery Dept it appears their budget for Electricity is at 99% with $3 remaining how does that work until June 30th? Also their “Professional Service” account is at 99%

There is ZERO left in the advertising budget for Purchasing (so how does the City advertise RFP’s?) until June?

Most Departments are between 59% (on the low side -Law Dept) to 73.3% (MIS Dept) in S/W Permanent but the Finance Dept under the Manager is only at 52%.

Overtime budgets – Police are at 74% Fire at 80.1% and DPW at 73%

The Packet also a Lowell Stat report with 2 items that caught my attention:

FY15 Budget: The DPD Budget for Fiscal Year 2015 (Figure 2) shows potential for a surplus in many accounts. As shown in Figure 3, Salaries & Wages Permanent is on track to run a substantial surplus for Fiscal Year 2015. Based on current projections, the Salaries & Wages Permanent account is on pace for a surplus of approximately $108,000.

Other accounts with irregularly low balances included Professional Services which is noted at only 41% and the Traffic Improvement – Signalization at only 1%. Professional Services has a projected surplus at this point due to the fact that NMCOG has yet to be paid in full for its services relative to the Regional Sealer; nearly $40,000 in total is to be paid. The funds in the Traffic Improvement account are generally spent in the spring. Once the snow clears, the account will be utilized for a variety of activities such as line striping.

All together the YTD percentage for the DPD budget currently stands at 66% expended as opposed to a projected 76% at this point in FY15.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 4.06.44 PM

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