New Lowell Extended Meter Enforcement Hours


To: Mike McGovern, Assistant City Manager
From: James Troup, Parking Director
Date: March 30, 2015
Re: Extended Meter Enforcement Hours

The City of Lowell Parking Department would like to announce that starting on May 4, 2015, enforcement of the on-street parking meters will be in effect as stated in the City Ordinances. As a reminder, on-street metered parking is in effect Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Meter Enforcement Officers will be staffed to inform and to assist with parking options and with the pay per space kiosks.

Long term parking is available at the Joseph Downes Garage on John Street, the Leo Roy Garage on Market Street, the Edward Early Garage on Middlesex Street, the Lower Locks Garage on Warren Street, and the George Ayotte Garage across from the Tsongas Center. Residents and employees in the Downtown neighborhood are encouraged to take advantage of these facilities, especially if they already have a monthly pass card to a municipal garage.

Parking Director James Troup said, “The intent of the added shifts is to create turnover near the Downtown businesses, not to generate revenue for the Parking Department. This is a first step to develop the perception that we are trying to help the businesses by making more spaces available more often.”

Troup continues, “The next step is to measure the effect of the added enforcement and to propose more changes to assist with the economic development of Downtown. We should encourage residents and visitors to park in the garages. I expect part of the next steps to be incentives to do so.”

Additional revenue from this change is projected to near $250,000 through the meter payments, violations, and additional garage payments.

“Although violations will occur, the priority will be to inform and assist in order to prevent people from receiving a ticket. I would rather someone pay a $1.00 meter than to receive a $15.00 ticket.”

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