Sunday Notes March 29th 2015


Other than trying to suck up to voters to show “he cares” does School Committee man Dave Conway REALLY THINK he needs to direct Lowell High Headmaster Brian Martin or Athletic Director Jim DeProfio to get athletes ready for spring sports? What a JOKE! This is the type of micro-management this School Committee is noted for and this guy wants a promotion to the City Council? Total USELESS MOTION!!!

[by David J. Conway]: Because of the frequent inclement spring weather, ask the Superintendent to meet with the Athletic Director and Headmaster to develop a plan that will address the needs of the pre-season spring sports. It should include strategies for alternative practice locations that will ready our athletes for their season.

BTW Next time someone mentions moving Lowell High, just imagine tossing away that beautiful 1300 seat Auditorium for a 600 seat one. Mass Building Commission limits new construction to 600. Yet the City might be willing to scrap this but will subsidize someone to the tune of $300,000 to renovate the much smaller Smith Baker Center

Speaking of the Committee, they drove Jean Franco OUT but before she goes, let’s drop a time-consuming kind of waste of time project on her lap. Start with telling us how to spend less time preparing kids for state mandated testing (which we will hold against the next Supt. and teacher’s when these scores go down) and then tell us how to make kids feel happy about state mandated testing so they can feel warm, cuddly and comfortable about taking these test..REALLY?

[by Kimberly Scott]: Request the Superintendent develop a plan to limit the amount of time spent on standardized test prep and a plan to reduce stress levels felt by children around the standardized test process.

Does the School Committee follow the City Council meetings? Have they heard that the entire city budget is going to be tight and that funding should be concentrated on actual student services that assist in education instead of just aiming to provide babysitting at the middle and elementary schools?

[by Kimberly Scott]: Request the Superintendent develop and issue an RFP to provide before and after school care at all of our elementary and middle schools.

Political Funnies (?) A longtime political activist made this observation to me – Kevin Murphy is the 1st City Manager to sub-contract the job out and was lucky Bob Healy was available to take it!

They also suggested a great Campaign cartoon for the upcoming Council race – The City Manager with an oversized TV remote in hand aimed at the City Council while hitting the MUTE button!! (In my opinion the Sun Editorial Team should also be sitting behind the Council..their as MUTE as the Council)

Imitation is the sincerest form of Flattery…

It seems that Local 1705 is taken a page from the UTL and are addressing the Lowell City Council this Tuesday in an attempt to gain sympathy from the elected officials (who the union does endorse) and public because they appear to be upset with the Administration and their interpretation of their contract. Funny how it was scheduled for a week after the Council and Administration praised many of the 1705 personal for their outstanding performance this winter.

Agenda Item: 2015 / 180 Meeting: City of Lowell City Council
Subject: Misc. – Corey Robinson, President Local 1705, request permission to address Council regarding Collective Bargaining Agreement

In his request in the Council Packet
He states ” In regards to the impact of Local 1705 Employees relevant to the City’s new “Interpretation” of our collective bargaining agreement and overtime.

According to the Plan E form of Gov’t Section 107, it clearly spells out the fact that the Council cannot interfere with the Manager.

Section 107. Neither the city council nor any of its committees or members shall direct or request the appointment of any person to, or his removal from, office by the city manager or any of his subordinates, or in any manner take part in the appointment or removal of officers and employees in that portion of the service of said city for whose administration the city manager is responsible. Except for the purpose of inquiry, the city council and its members shall deal with that portion of the service of the city as aforesaid solely through the city manager, and neither the city council nor any member thereof shall give orders to any subordinate of the city manager either publicly or privately. Any member of the city council who violates, or participates in the violation of, any provision of this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than six months, or both, and upon final conviction thereof his office in the city council shall thereby be vacated and he shall never again be eligible for any office or position, elective or otherwise, in the service of the city.

The best thing for this Council and City Manager to do in this case, let the Union President speak (and since they are on record for letting some people go on for 8-9 minutes) not interrupt then when he is finished, move on to the next Agenda item without comment. Someone may need to gag the VEST otherwise it could get laughable and violate the law.

What’s it like dealing with the Devil?

What’s it like to work for Mike McLaughlin? Here’s what his former financial director,Vitus Shum stated:

“I leave my soul at home when I come to work.”

Wonder if former Dracut Selectman John Zimini who Mike McLaughlin got a job for AFTER State Auditor Suzanne Bump FIRED HIM or Brian BOND who McLaughlin got appointed to the Dracut Housing Authority ever felt that way?

I wonder if current Dracut Selectman Candidate PHIL THIBAULT will feel that way about some of his LOUD Supporters after the election?

Getting your view on Dracut Politics from the McLaughlin Connection is like getting Police Relationship advise from Capone!

Getting your view on Dracut Politics from the McLaughlin Dracut Connection is like getting Police Relationship advise from Capone!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Notes March 29th 2015

  1. Okay Folks, join “The Dracut Connection” at Monday at 11 AM and Thursday at 1:30 PM on DATV channel 8. This show was taped Saturday Morning due to a scheduling conflict.

    The Dracut Connection will give you the “FACTS” about the up coming Dracut election so you can make an educated decision.

    On Thursday the 2nd we’re “LIVE” and you can call in with your questions and comments at 978 957 4243

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    Brian Bond

  2. 1)I disagree with you that this one is a non-issue. Our schools have become like MCAS boot camps…..with areas like science and social studies being pushed out of our younger grades. It is one of the things many parents dislike most about our schools. Teachers are justly stressed out about the test and how it is held against them, but we need to be careful carrying that stress down to students.

    2) We have before and after school care at SOME schools in Lowell. CTI is the main provider at the sites we do have, and they have a memorandum of understanding at those specific sites and provide a donation to those schools. I see no reason why we can’t formalize the process with an RFP so that we can open it up to other providers and possibly provide more equity across the district. The city does not pay for sites that CTI, Boys and Girls Club, etc. are providers at.

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