If 2 Companies are closed per shift – Closing should be listed on Web Site.

This year so far (only a few examples)

Two Alarm fire in the 100 block of Foster St in the Highlands Fire reportedly began in the basement and extended to the first and second floors of the dwelling.

a three-alarm fire on Stevens Street that displaced as many as 35 people.

Four-alarm fire, 71 Varney St., Lowell.

Remember 2009? – Residents flee as fire rips through Lowell house – This Fire was on Highland St. – the nearest Engine Company on Gorham Street, normally the first to arrive at this building, was closed

Remember 2010 – Union rings alarm about city closing fire stations Jennifer Myers, jmyers@lowellsun.com
LOWELL — Lowell Fire Department Lt. David Keene last night called for the end of the budget-saving practice of closing city fire stations on a rotating basis in light of the deadly fire that destroyed a Bridge Street apartment building early Sunday morning. Lowell firefighters rescued nine people from the inferno that claimed the lives of two residents and injured two firefighters, a feat Keene, the president of the firefighters union, said is even more impressive given that there were nine fewer firefighters on duty than there would have been had three companies not been closed at the time of the fire.

Remember 2014 – Branch St -As it stands now this will be the second deadliest fire in the history of the City of Lowell.

If The City Manager and City Council want to keep money in reserves or the Manager’s contingency fund and instead close 2 Fire Companies per shift, then the City should announce which companies are closed, shift by shift on the Lowell Fire Dept Website.

The Public should be aware of a greater danger to their home if response time will be increasing because a company close by is closed. The City has a web site and public access television, along with free radio time available to keep the public informed and aware of what fire companies in their neighborhoods are being forced to shut down.

If public safety is in fact really a primary concern of this Manager and Council, as they have repeatedly told us, then making this information public benefits the residence to be more attentive to their homes and their neighbor’s home and overall neighborhood.

I also have to ask if a business or home’s fire insurance is at risk of going up come renewal time this spring because the city has determined that even with available funds (Manager’s Contingency and/or Reserves), they choose to close 2 companies per shift.

Where are the neighborhood leaders, the media and the firefighters union? Why is there no outrage? This Manager and Council which has waved the public safety flag over and over is about to close two fire companies over less than $150,000!

How Ironic that the SUN was touting “Sunshine Week” last week about the need for Gov’t to be more transparent and yet here they are working with the City Officials, intentionally leaving the readers of their newspaper in the dark about the fact that a fire station company in their neighborhood may be closed because this Manager and Council refuse to transfer money from the Manager’s Contingency fund or reserves…..A case of Politics over public good?