Re-Election Party Announcement just seems out of place.


I AM NOT THE MAYOR’S BIGGEST FAN (NOR IS HE MINE) but I think Mayor Elliott has been doing a fine job representing the city and I also think his Mayor’s Facebook Page Has been full of solid information for the citizens.

I would suggest he continues to use that page for Official City Business information he shares and highlight the events he attends because I think it is a great way to reach people and let them know what is going on here in the city.

I suggest he gets a different page for his re-election campaign and uses that. It would be better to keep the two separate (in my opinion). Less likely people complain about the two being mixed or stop going to it because it’s a re-election tool.

I was surprised to see this item posted on his Mayor’s page , which is why I am bringing up this issues.

It is minor thing, but I think would look better and be better for him to keep his Official Mayor’s FB Page separate from his re-election campaign.