Campaign Season has started – Conway’s Letter to the Editor


Never mind that Chancellor Marty Meehan stated that the private developer Capstone Collegiate Communities NEVER contacted the University before signing a purchase agreement with Lowell 5 or that the Chancellor indicated UMASS Lowell invested $300 Million dollars in Housing and Parking that they borrowed and have to pay back.

Somehow Dave Conway thinks the Chancellor OWES Bob Caruso or the City of Lowell something and needs to get back on the table. Listen to the Chancellor on WCAP with Teddy HERE than go to today’s SUN and read Conway’s letter and ask, Do we need him on the Lowell City Council?

Conway’s Letter Titled: Don’t squander Lowell’s $50 million development opportunity in part states:

It is in the best interests of all concerned that we try again to make the collaboration between the Lowell Five, UMass Lowell and the Capstone Collegiate Communities a reality.

Let us consider the uniqueness of the three entities that have been involved in this project. The University of Massachusetts Lowell has been an incredible success story under the leadership of Chancellor Marty Meehan and his staff. Its facilities, along with its academic excellence, has made the university one of the best public institutions in the country.

The Lowell Five Cents Savings Bank has been a major part of the history and development of Lowell for over 160 years. During these years, they have helped local businesses, the city and families to improve the economic strength of the Greater Lowell community. They have done this not only during times of economic growth but more importantly, during downturns in our local, state and national economy.

Capstone Collegiate Communities is a company with a proven success record. When they have collaborated with city leaders and local businesses in college cities and towns, they have brought economic growth to those communities.

Conway’s main point seems to be this: A project like this would create many construction jobs that could support our local economy and in the end, would give additional tax revenues to the city.

UMASS Lowell isn’t in existence for the City of Lowell and without all that UMASS Lowell has already invested and done in this city, Lowell would be in worst shape than in the semi healthy state it is in.

It is NOT Marty Meehan’s job to be the only one responsible for Economic Development in Lowell!

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