Where are the Saving programs that the previous Manager and Council achieved?

While you’re waiting for the Snow to stop (April hopefully), I offer a few headlines from the Sun showcasing the Lynch Administration and the past City Council’s that have achieved SAVINGS that allowed the city to lower cost for the Operations Budget and not have to raise taxes.

Recently on City Life Mayor Elliott claimed he and the past council’s were in fact the ones responsible for being able to “keep taxes down” and he claims he will advocate for no tax increase this upcoming year.

That is a great position but is it realistic?

How do you expect this Manger to accomplish that while having to fund Net School Spending at a higher rate than this past year, pay for the 8-11 additional police officers and meet the raises granted many city unions. Oh yeah the UTL is seeking a contract and they may be looking for a raise also!

In last night’s Council packet, the CFO already warned we were looking at a roughly 7 Million dollar shortfall in the operations budget for 2016.

Where are the Savings proposed by This Manager? What about this Council? Have any of these Councilors brought in a motion to combine departments, cut cost or privatize to save taxpayer dollars?

For the most part, much of what we have seen from this Council is request after request to add cost to the budgets. More cops, more inspectors, more meter maids, more technology etc.

We have not seen many major cost saving proposals from this Manager so far. I acknowledge it is very early in his tenure and he doesn’t bring any previous experience to the table about how or where to save money but something has to give.

On top of the 7 Million dollar shortfall, If we continue to get snow, we do have to pay for the clean-up,the “free cash” alone may not be enough this year to cover this cost. While many will shutter and say NO we may have no other choice than to transfer funds from the “reserves” accounts to cover the cost.

2014 was a honeymoon for the Manager and the Council , 2015 will be a Stress test!

City eyes $40M in energy savings
By Jennifer Myers, jmyers@lowellsun.com
UPDATED: 11/27/2009 07:02:49 AM EST0 COMMENTS

LOWELL — A $20 million infrastructure project, which will not cost taxpayers but could save the city $40 million in energy costs in the next two decades, is slated to begin construction next year.

Lynch says new trash and recycling contract will save Lowell $1 million per year
By Lyle Moran, lmoran@lowellsun.com
UPDATED: 06/04/2013 06:59:01 AM EDT0 COMMENTS

LOWELL — City Manager Bernie Lynch is touting the new trash and recycling contract he has awarded as one that will generate $1 million in savings for the city annually and improve service for city residents.

Lynch says joining the GIC could save the city a minimum of $5 million annually and as much as $9 million. Under the proposed agreement, 25 percent of the savings will be placed in a mitigation fund to provide insurance relief to city workers. The rest will go toward saving jobs and, possibly, offering pay raises in future contracts.

Lowell teachers agree to join GIC
The Lowell Sun
UPDATED: 12/19/2011 09:14:58 PM EST0 COMMENTS

Sun Staff Report

LOWELL — The United Teachers of Lowell, the largest union in the city, reached an agreement Monday evening with City Manager Bernie Lynch to joint the Group Insurance Commission, which the manager estimates could save the city $5 million to $9 million in the first year alone.

Both Lynch and Paul Georges, UTL president, confirmed the agreement.

Contract will cut Lowell electricity rates
By Hiroko Sato, hsato@lowellsun.com
UPDATED: 02/12/2014 06:36:28 AM EST8 COMMENTS

LOWELL — Starting in May, all Lowell residents will pay 8 percent to 10 percent less for electric power than they normally would.

That’s because they will no longer be buying power from National Grid. Instead, Dominion Retail will be supplying electricity to about 31,000 residential and 4,200 commercial ratepayers in Lowell. The city signed the deal with Dominion after holding a public bid to find a company that could service residents at a competitive rate. Among three bids returned, Dominion’s offer was the best by far, according to Assistant City Manager Adam Baacke.

In addition, Dominion’s power will be 100 percent “carbon-neutral,” meaning greenhouse gases were not generated in producing the energy.

4 thoughts on “Where are the Saving programs that the previous Manager and Council achieved?

  1. A friend checked into the calls she has been getting from the power companies and found out that the so-called savings are only on transmission fees and nothing else. Any truth to that?

    • It’s not on the entire bill. It’s on the generation of power( I think that’s transmission). It’s not on the National Grid piece which is the distribution charges…they own the wires and charge a regulated rate to distribute the electricity. Am I being clear?

  2. You’re right, this council has offered no new policies that could save money. Commiting to no new taxes with nothing to offer to achieve cost savings is irresponsible. The City does have that $670K of “excess new growth” that was not used to limit this year’s tax rate as something to help the free cash deal with the impending snow and ice deficit. But that $7M+ projected deficit did not include any overrun in the snow and ice budget, so the City still might have that $7M deficit, and that projection was done with a 1% (not 0%) increase in the base tax levy. It will be interesting to see how the council manages the next budget – will they offer policies that save money, or will they simply ask for a 7% reduction in the budget? As an aside, you may want to research when the last “no” vote was offered in any roll-call vote.

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