Two men have been found guilty , one got you both jobs, one got Zimini 2 jobs and you call others corrupt?


THIS IS FOR , Russ Taylor, Debra DeWitt Ahern, Jesse Forcier and George Nangle, Alison Hughs, Joe Dirocco, Shawn Ashe and all the other people these ethically challenged people attack. Consider their backgrounds and actions and know WE are all better than them!

I’m tired of these negative people who have ego issues and want to battle the boogeyman of Dracut but attack other people he supports or is friendly with . Why do they attack others, simply because these individuals hate the Dracut boogeyman because they have political shortcomings and questionable ethics along with some type of personal insecurities themselves and suffer from Shaw envy due to the fact this guy served 24 years as a selectman and the fact he left over ten years ago but who people still seek political advise from him upsets these guys because their guy is in jail and no one cares what they have to say politically.

You want to whack the boogeyman man of Dracut go ahead he”ll whack you back but grow the hell up and leave the rest of us out of your personal ego battle. We are not puppets, cohorts, Kool aid drinkers ,flunkies or any of the other stupid labels you use. You’re upset because we don’t agree with the horse manure you try to shovel.

We are people who like the guy for who he is and what he stands for and how he treats us and we don’t always agree with him.

You’re making yourselves look foolish and vindictive, making accusations about people when your own backgrounds are less than stellar and the Boston Globe, Lowell Sun, Column Blog and other papers have documented that.

Brian Bond and John Zimini have Newspaper stories about their involvement with CONVICTED Felon Mike McLaughlin.

John Zimini has multiple stories about how he was the aid of the disbarred former Mayor of Chelsea that is a FACT! Pressman got him two jobs. Tim Murray the disgraced ex Lt Gov. and current jail-bird McLaughlin got Bond appointed to the DHA..Everyone knows it.

Bond needs to go NOW and anyone who has ties to Charlie Baker needs to get Baker to act immediately.

Every time Zimini opens his mouth to call anyone’s ETHICS or ACTIONS into question, someone should just remind him of Pressman and McLaughlin!

FACTS: John Zimini has been associated with the Convicted disbarred Chelsea mayor who got him both a city and state job. He gave money and shamefully used his family to give money to the former Lt Gov who at Mike McLaughlin request, also got him a job. The same Lt. Gov who’s own political career was ruined and who was forced to resign after he cracked up his car due to his buddy and Zimini friend Mike McLaughlin admitting to falsifying records and who is serving time in jail.

Bond who can’t win an election was appointed with McLaughlin influence and has a phone trail to prove it,

How the hell is it anything but corruption? Fight your battles with the Dracut Boogeyman all you want but leave the rest of us alone,we’re tired of your lies and name calling and will not sit back and take it anymore.

Below are newspaper and Column Blog sections, they are reporting the corruption associated with Mayor Pressman and Mike McLaughlin. All Printed in the newspaper, really in various newspapers and all are proven fact. There are printed stories about McLaughlin and the so called McLaughlin group with their plans for DHA all documented by the Sun.

So look in the mirror boys before you keep attacking others.

and away we go….

Former Chelsea Mayor Joel Pressman testified yesterday in US District Court that when developers wanted to build a mall in that waterfront city they had to pay him $9,000.

When Robert McCarthy, now a state representative from Melrose, wanted his family’s insurance firm to keep a contract to insure city workers, he paid $5,000 to Pressman. And when bookmakers wanted to stop police from enforcing gambling laws, Pressman admitted, his cut was $4,000 to $5,000 a year.

Offering a detailed account of how a mayor puts out the word that he’s available for a price, Pressman, testifying under a grant of immunity, said he sent his father’s law partner and a former Chelsea official, Harry Toltz, to see bookmaker Samuel Berkowitz.

and this

Michael E. McLaughlin sentenced to 3 years; judge says he ‘picked the pockets’ of housing authority residents in Chelsea

In Sunday’s extensive Globe story covering how McLaughlin raised money for Murray, deep in the story Zimini is mentioned. The story doesn’t, however, note that he’s from Dracut or that he is now serving his 3rd-term on the Board of Selectmen.

According to the story, Murray once called former state Labor Secretary Suzanne Bump, angry that she fired Zimini because of his alleged relationship with McLaughlin. Murray then helped Zimini find a job at a quasi-state agency, MassHousing, where he’s employed today as a “compliance specialist.”



3/9/2011 ZIMINI, JOHN J
75 SCOTT ST DRACUT MA 018261637 $100.00 Murray, Timothy P.

The Column Blog has confirmed through its own sources that Zimini, previously employed by the state Division of Industrial Accidents, did not leave on positive terms. The division falls under the state Department of Labor umbrella.

Zimini is also tied to Chelsea. He served as aide to one of its former mayors, Joel M. Pressman. According to sources, Zimini was later hired by Pressman, who had been appointed an IA commissioner by former Governor Michael Dukakis, to work there.
Pressman was later pushed out of that job by Gov. William Weld when he got in trouble with the Board of Bar Overseers. He was eventually disbarred for, among other things, his association with “bookies.”

or this

Former Chelsea Mayor Joel Pressman received at least $5,000 in payoffs from bookmaker Samuel Berkowitz when he was mayor more than a decade ago, according to a document filed by a prosecutor in US District Court yesterday.

Pressman, who was mayor of Chelsea from 1976 to 1983, when he resigned to become chairman of the state Industrial Accident Board, testified with immunity earlier this year before the federal grand jury investigating corruption in Chelsea.

The government plans to use him as a witness in the racketeering trial of suspended Chelsea police Capt. Leo A. (Buddy) McHatton, who allegedly received payments from bookmakers and other police officers while the police vice squad allegedly was operated as a racketeering enterprise from the mid-1970s until late 1991. …

or this

The McLaughlin Group
By By Chris Camire,
Sun, 29 Jan 2012, 08:58 AM

DRACUT — Michael McLaughlin has long been accused of controlling Dracut politics from the sidelines, using his deep political connections to wield influence on key town issues.

This perception reached its boiling point last fall when McLaughlin was blamed for orchestrating the attempted ouster of Mary Karabatsos from her job as executive director of the Dracut Housing Authority.

In a controversial move, Brian Bond showed up at his first official Housing Authority meeting as the governor-appointed commissioner and voted with fellow commissioners Ken Martin and Ken Cunha not to renew Karabatsos’ contract. The board later reversed that decision and rehired Karabatsos over two other finalists.

McLaughlin, who at the time was executive director of the Chelsea Housing Authority, denied having a hand in the surprise vote. But McLaughlin was in constant contact with Martin and Dracut Selectman John Zimini throughout 2011, according to cellphone records obtained by The Sun.

McLaughlin phoned Martin 394 times and Zimini 217 times from January to October.

McLaughlin was also in contact with Bond during key dates of the Karabatsos saga.

On April 6, Bond changed his party affiliation to Democrat, paving the way for his appointment to the Housing Authority seat.

McLaughlin called Bond at 2:04 p.m. that day. The call lasted six minutes. Just 20 minutes earlier, Zimini called McLaughlin. That call lasted four minutes.

Bond was appointed to the authority by Gov. Deval Patrick on July 26 for a four-year term. Each of the roughly 200 housing authorities in the state have boards of commissioners, with one member appointed by the governor. While those appointments officially fall to Patrick, Lt. Gov. Tim Murray plays a key role in maintaining the administration’s relationship with the housing authorities across the state.

Murray and McLaughlin called each other at least 121 times in 2011, a relationship widely documented.

On the day before Bond’s appointment, McLaughlin called Murray in the morning. Murray returned the call 13 minutes later. The call lasted 13 minutes.

McLaughlin and Martin exchanged four calls on the day of the appointment. Each call lasted three minutes or less.

Nearly one month later, on Aug. 22, the commissioners of the Dracut Housing Authority voted to part ways with Karabatsos. In the lead up to the vote, McLaughlin was in contact with Martin, Bond and Zimini.

McLaughlin and Bond spoke for 16 minutes Aug. 15.

On the day of the vote, 10 calls were placed between McLaughlin and Martin. McLaughlin also had a 10-minute call with Zimini that night.

Zimini did not return multiple calls seeking comment for this story.

According to a recent Boston Globe report, Murray once called then-state Labor Secretary Suzanne Bump, angry that she fired Zimini because of his alleged ties to McLaughlin. Murray then helped Zimini find a job at MassHousing, a quasi-state agency where he works as a “compliance specialist.”

Martin, director of both the Ayer and Methuen housing authorities, described McLaughlin as a close family friend. He said the two often spoke about “personal stuff” and housing issues.

Martin declined to say why he voted to not offer Karabatsos a new contract, adding: “Mike McLaughlin never asked me to fire her, hire her, he never told me to do anything.”

Karabatsos does not appear on McLaughlin’s cellphone records. She said she had no reason to speak with him about housing authority matters.

“We don’t have that kind of relationship,” she said.

Bond said he does not recall his conversations with McLaughlin. Bond also denied that he voted to oust Karabatsos at McLaughlin’s urging.

“I don’t really care what people think,” Bond said. “Mike McLaughlin never asked me do anything at the Housing Authority. He never asked me about Mary Karabatsos. Nothing.”

Bond blames local businessman and former Selectman Warren Shaw for fueling a “conspiracy theory” surrounding the Karabatsos vote. The “theory” maintains that:

* Karabatsos was removed so Robert Mazzone, executive director of the Amesbury Housing Authority, could get the Dracut job.

* Amesbury commissioners would hire Linda Thibodeau, McLaughlin’s top assistant in Chelsea and close personal friend.

* Mazzone would work for a period, then retire. Dracut commissioners would then hire Thibodeau.

“Warren Shaw has such a hatred to this Mike McLaughlin that he’s trying to paint the picture that anybody that’s ever spoken to Mike McLaughlin is part of this whole conspiracy theory that is totally false,” Bond said.

Shaw told The Sun: “There’s no question the hands of Mike McLaughlin were all over that effort.”

Mazzone was not a finalist in Dracut. The commissioners eventually offered a new contract to Karabatsos in October in a 5-0 vote.

McLaughlin could not be reached for comment for this story. But in October, he denied having anything to do with the controversy. He said he often is blamed by “jealous” entrenched politicians in Dracut when politics becomes sleazy.

On Sept. 21, Murray was asked whether McLaughlin had spoken to him about appointing Bond in Dracut during an interview with the Globe.

“Mike McLaughlin?” said Murray, according to the newspaper. “Uh, maybe at some point he might have mentioned, you know, the, the, um, mentioned it.”

Moments after that exchange, McLaughlin’s cell records show two incoming calls from a blocked phone number similar to those used in Murray’s office. Those calls were followed by a series of calls between McLaughlin and Zimini.

The first call McLaughlin placed to Zimini occurred at 12:25 p.m. and lasted three minutes. McLaughlin called Zimini again at 12:46 p.m. Zimini called McLaughlin back two minutes later and then again at 12:59 p.m. Both calls lasted one minute.

McLaughlin was also in touch with Zimini and Martin on Oct. 30, the day the Globe first reported that McLaughlin allegedly concealed more than half of his illegal $360,383 salary to state officials.

Martin called McLaughlin at 7:41 a.m. The call lasted 20 minutes.

Zimini called McLaughlin several hours later. McLaughlin immediately returned the call, which lasted eight minutes.

McLaughlin, who lives in Dracut, resigned from his Chelsea position at the behest of the governor after his salary was made public. McLaughlin was on track to collect the largest pension in Massachusetts history.

The former housing authority director is now being investigated for questionable fundraising practices and for allegedly lying about his income.

Patrick has repeatedly defended his lieutenant governor’s relationship with McLaughlin, saying Thursday that Murray expressed “genuine” betrayal when he learned of McLaughlin’s alleged improprieties. Murray has said he was misled by McLaughlin, whom he has described as a political supporter, and insists he did not know about McLaughlin’s exorbitant salary.

McLaughlin called several other local political figures in 2011, including state Rep. Kevin Murphy, D-Lowell. The two called each other 62 times from January to October of last year. Murphy said most of the calls did not result in conversations.

The Sun obtained McLaughlin’s cellphone records, which cover Jan. 1 to Nov. 28, via a public-records request. The records pertain to his government-funded phone, and are therefore public record. McLaughlin resigned in Chelsea on Nov. 2.

Murphy, attorney for the Dracut School Committee, said calls from McLaughlin became more frequent in June and July. McLaughlin’s son, Michael McLaughlin Jr., was losing his $64,576-per-year job as an organizational-skills teacher in Dracut schools. Murphy said he told McLaughlin there was nothing he could do to save his son’s job.

In 2010, the School Committee investigated whether the younger McLaughlin was among several teachers then-Superintendent of Schools W. Spencer Mullin improperly granted early tenure as personal favors.

“What I found unusual was that he wouldn’t give up,” said Murphy, referring to the senior McLaughlin’s frequent calls. “He was like a dog with a bone.”

McLaughlin was also in contact with Dracut School Committee member Ron Mercier five times in June. Mercier said McLaughlin called to check on his family, not to discuss his son’s employment.

“Mike never put me in a situation like that,” Mercier said.

McLaughlin also spoke to former Dracut Housing Authority Commissioner James Gookin for 10 minutes on Oct. 23 and 16 minutes on Oct. 24. Gookin said he was on hold for much of those calls.

“I have no idea what he really wanted, but he obviously wanted something,” said Gookin, a former Lowell police officer. “But I wouldn’t talk to him. I don’t bother with this guy. I have no affiliation with this guy whatsoever.”

Other Dracut notables appearing on McLaughlin’s cellphone records include Paul Enis, vice chairman of the Board of Health; Maureen Wilkie, former executive secretary of the Dracut Housing Authority; and Michael Blatus Jr., a former School Committee member. None returned calls seeking comment.

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3 thoughts on “Two men have been found guilty , one got you both jobs, one got Zimini 2 jobs and you call others corrupt?

  1. Gerry I questioned and WE at The Dracut Connection we brought forth evidence. Remember you can watch The Dracut Connection “Live” on Thursdays @ 7PM on Dracut Access TV Channel 8.

    You can also “LIVE STREAM” this show with link –

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  2. The response to our simple request of others to disclose potential conflicts of interest was first met with flat denials coupled with the kind of derision that those in power tend to have toward the idea of transparency and any sense of fiduciary duty. After we brought forth evidence of this dishonesty, our friends did what is typical for those that are on the wrong side of the truth, and descended into ad hominem attacks on the people that brought the truth to light. They try to distract the public with personal allegations instead of addressing the facts as they stand. The facts are not in dispute. Conflicts of interest were not only not disclosed, but rather lied about in public forums. Shame on them.

    • Who is WE? You are the only DHA member questioning this hiring! By stating “to our simple request” and “After we brought” , you seem to be admitting / indicating that Mr. Zimini and others who are NOT DHA Board members were involved in this action. So who is WE? and why is there a we?

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