Old Ugliness Surfacing Again?


A Couple days ago the Column Blog by Chris Scott had this post: Schlichtman’s got four votes for top Lowell school job?

The post went on to say: Before the application period even begins for a new Lowell school superintendent, speculation already abounds on which potential candidate could seal the necessary four votes of the School Committee to snag the job.


To me this looks like the old time political BS we have seen time and time again from people associated with the Greater Lowell Technical School. It might not be an elected member but it very well could be a connected employee / supporter getting some political payback.

You may recall Schlictman was a finalist for the Supt. position who was deadlocked with David Norkiewicz after 207 rounds of voting. Even a compromise that might have allowed BOTH men to be appointed as Supt. and Asst. Supt. couldn’t be worked out and many scars still exist from that battle.

Neither got the job but many Pols and supporters have long memories and these type of “Dirty Tricks” have a history at Greater Lowell.

When an element of the Committee wanted a New Supt. and wanted to force out Supt. Mary Jo Santoro Committee member Mike Lenzi who was a Santoro supporter and was rumored to be moving to Dracut all of a sudden found his Driver’s License copied and sent to the Newspaper, City Life and selected bloggers to try to hasten his exit from the committee.(Mike and I are friendly so I wasn’t provided a copy)..The Sun even mentioned it when Mike announced his resignation.

An anonymous letter is allegedly circulating local media outlets with a photocopy of Lenzi’s driver’s license that shows his listed address is in West Yarmouth on Cape Cod, where he owns a summer home, apparently questioning Lenzi’s residency.

Lenzi confirmed the address on his license is his Cape Cod home. He said when he renewed his license in April, he knew he was selling his Lowell home, but the deal on the Dracut home hadn’t closed, so he listed the West Yarmouth address as his residence.

When current Supt.Roger Bourgeois was hired another candidates background was exposed to the Sun in another anonymous package for the purpose of getting him knock out of contention.

GLTHS finalist Forget on the hot seat

While the Greater Lowell Technical High School Committee plans to select a new superintendent tonight, new information has come forward in a finalist’s history that points to yet another alleged incident of domestic violence in his past.

Roger D. Forget Jr., a Bourne resident who serves as principal of Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School, had a restraining order filed against him by his ex-wife on his teenage daughter’s behalf in December 2003, according to court records from Palmer District Court that came to The Sun in an anonymous package over the weekend.

When Erik Gitschier resigned to become the Executive Director of the Lowell Water Dept.his brother Lee wanted to be appointed and found he was the target of a unsigned letter charging him with many unproven, unverified things trying to wreck his candidacy. At that time I posted the following:

I’m hoping the Mayor will not pull this unsigned letter that has circulated about Lee Gitschier out of his pocket and attack Lee Gitschier’s character. The gutless pukes who sent out the Gitschier letter didn’t even have enough of a backbone to sign any name and used a lame ass excuse to try to justify being COWARDS! This supposed co-worker should be ashamed and if they are a parent as they claim, nice message to send to their kids. Attack someone from behind, no need to be man or women enough to stand behind your words and hope people believe you even if your a coward and afraid to stand up for what you supposedly believe in

I think someone leaked the BOGUS and I’m 1000% certain the story is bogus to the Sun to discredit Paul Schlictman’s candidacy in retaliation for his NOT agreeing to be Norkiewicz’s Asst. Supt.

It may be a new era out at the TECH but some old players and pols still engage in the dirtiest of political games.