Student Population and Teacher Salary Average Information

With the newly publicized issues with the School Committee and Teacher’s Union, it seemed an appropriate time to look at Student Data and Teacher Salaries in Lowell compared to the State Average and other city’s and towns. This is all taken from easy to find State information.

Enrollment by Grade Report: Lowell Ranks as the 6th Largest School District

Boston 54,312
Springfield 25,645
Worcester 25,254
Brockton 17,186
Lynn 14,871
Lowell 14,075
Lawrence 13,889

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.35.23 AM

2014-15 Enrollment By Race/Gender Report (District)

Lowell has a pretty good mix with 30.1% Whites – 30.1% Hispanic – 29.4% Asian – 3.2% Identifying themselves as Multi-Race (non-hispanic) we have 51.9% males and 48.1 % Females

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.39.11 AM

In the 2014-15 Selected Populations Report (District)

First Language Not English 36.3%
English Language Learner 26.6%
Students With Disabilities 15.1%

2013 Graduation Rate Report (DISTRICT) for All Students

Lowell has a 75.0 % Graduation Rate – Higher than Brockton, Boston, Worcester, Springfield and many others
10.6% who don’t graduate on time stay in school and 10.5% Drop out while 1.9% get a GED

The City of Lowell ranks 53rd out of 358 School Districts in the State when it comes to the average Salary for Teachers
Teachers Ave Salary

Here’s how Lowell compares to the other Large School Districts.

Worcester – $91,504
Brockton – $82,841
Cambridge -$80,725
Boston – $79,263
Lowell -$78,298
Lynn – $69,379
Fall River -$66,138
Springfield -$58,693

Here’s how Lowell compares locally to some surrounding community’s –
Nashoba – $81,052
Andover – $80,529
Greater Lowell Tech – $71,620
Westford -$70,361
Chelmsford -$69,345
Billerica -$67,940
Tyngsboro -$67,974
Dracut -$66,937
Lawrence -$66,627

So there is some information for you to look at and think about as we hear each side state their case for what the City / School Dept. can afford and what the Teacher’s Union say’s it deserves.

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