What else don’t / didn’t we or the Council know?


So last night we found out that the City has had a nod- nod, wink- wink deal in place for parking for promo’s since 2008. That opens up the question What else didn’t / don’t we or the Council know?

With all the talk by the previous administration about Transparency and open Gov’t, what other off the books deals are either in place still or took place and why wasn’t the Council and taxpayers informed at the time?

Were all entities including UMass Lowell offered these same type barter deals? Why didn’t the Council have to know or approve and why wasn’t it in writing? Why even let it appear to be anything but above board?

Last Night former Mayor / City Councilor and Lynch supporter Jim Milinazzo asked about the origin of the agreement in 2008 and asks how many pass cards have been issued in the past. Clearly this was news to him. $8,000 a year in Parking for Promo’s. Has the City used there time? Since it was an off the book deal, how can anyone know what the agreement was?

How many other agreements like these do or did the city have in place and if it isn’t in writing, how the heck can it be enforced one way or another?

Many people were very cynical about this deal when it was first brought forward (admittedly including myself) it sounded like it was something not commonly done or needed.

When was the last time we saw a Council vote on an item like this? I can’t recall and many people were putting the blame on Manager Murphy and his administration saying it was the good old boy network at work.

Turns out Manager Murphy appears to be the one who wanted it above board, open and transparent.

Which leaves the question open about the Lynch Administration What else don’t we or didn’t we and the Council know?

If it does nothing else, it should tighten the already quite lips of the Lynch Administration supporters and Murphy bashers. Tough to criticize this administration for transparency when we now have proof, that the previous administration wasn’t 100% transparent with us.

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