Councilor Belanger -Investigate the possibility of an overnight parking ban !


On the City Council Agenda this week Councilor Belanger has this motion.

C. Belanger – Req. City Mgr. enforce current parking regulations according to ordinance and investigate the possibility of an overnight parking ban.

Clearly this needs to be made clearer. Is he suggesting no one in Lowell can park on the Street overnight?

Is he sending a message to downtown residents, that if you have guest TO DAMN BAD – they can’t park on the street?

Have them Park in the Garage – It’s cheap!

Opening Hours & Prices
Mon-Sun 24 hours
$ 1.00 / 30 mins
$ 2.00 / 1 hour
$ 3.00 / 2 hours
$ 4.00 / 3 hours
$ 5.00 / 4 hours
$ 6.00 / 5 hours
$ 6.50 / 6 hours
$ 7.00 / 7 hours
$ 7.50 / 8 hours
$ 8.00 / 24 hours

If someone has a few too many at Wicked Irish is he suggesting they drive home instead of leaving their car parked on the Street?

Why would you even think of discouraging people from visiting friends who live in the Downtown who may want to stay overnight?

If is this City wide , where are homeowners / tenants suppose to park ?

Is it his wish to see only the downtown residents get punished for having the nerve to be living in the downtown in place of businesses? I thought he was a representative for the Downtown Neighborhood Community?

Someone’s got some explaining to do!

1 thought on “Councilor Belanger -Investigate the possibility of an overnight parking ban !

  1. Councilor Belanger will be talking about this at our next LDNA meeting on 1/26. That’s 7PM at LTC.

    I too am concerned about the “no overnight parking” thing and will say as much. However, it is the cheapest solution to the problem of people parking on the street for hours and hours on end and hurting businesses. Parking should not be revenue-based, it should be demand-based. If I had my way, we’d have a two-hour to four-hour limit on the streets (based on usage) from maybe…7-7, 7 days a week. However, I’d also drastically drop the cost of the garages on weekends when they’re standing there sucking electricity and staffing with nobody parked in them.

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