Let there be LIGHT!


Dear Sen.Eileen and Reps Golden, Nangle and Mom,

The citizens of Lowell dealt with the detours, traffic congestion and workers on the Lowell Connector while many new lights were being installed by the State to help visibility and increase safety on this road.

Can you now get the State to actually light these lights NOW?

I travel everyday on the Connector and this is what I see, when you get on the Connector from 495 North the lights are out until you come up to the sign for the Plain St. Exit, then every other light is lit until you come to the Thorndike St. Exit , the last 3 banks of lights leading to the end of the connector are lit.

I don’t have to remind you that there have been many accidents on this road or point out the absurdity of wasting tax dollars by erecting lights to sit there and not work. Why did they bother installing them if they don’t intend to have them in use?

So for all of the Citizens who drive in the Connector every day, I ask you please “Let There Be Light!”

1 thought on “Let there be LIGHT!

  1. Don’t forget the fatal accident a couple of months ago. Maybe if all the lights has been on, it wouldn’t have happened. PS what idiot is responsible fir turning them on?

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