Sunday Notes December 21 2014

I hadn’t intended to do a Christmas Present Column but since the SUN for the first time in my memory hasn’t, I will try to fill the void.


City Manager Kevin Murphy – Nothing! He has the job he has coveted, his “little brother” is the Mayor, he doesn’t have a belligerent,disruptive Councilor, no negativity toward him from anyone after the largest tax hike in 3 years and the SUN/WCAP show no negativity or negative stories about his administration at all. What more could a guy want?

Mayor Rodney Elliott – Another two year term as Mayor. He does do a great job representing the city and he is a lot less obnoxious, disruptive and asinine as Mayor Elliott than he was as Councilor Elliott, especially in the past 3 years. He also gets a book deal to write his memoirs The Political Chamaeleon, No one has changed colors and loyalties more than Rod. From feuding with the SUN to becoming their top SUNflower, Turning on both COX and Lynch from Fiscal Watchdog to Manager Murphy’s lap dog, he has mastered the art of political survival.

State Senator Eileen Donoghue – Having the Olympics come to MA. and getting the Olympic job so she can get away from the Lowell delegation and Manager who have never fully welcomed her into the boys club.

State Rep Tom Golden – A full recovery from Knee surgery and Eileen Donoghue getting the Olympic Post so he can become Senator Tippa.

State Rep Dave Nangle – The Under Secretary of Transportation Post in the Baker Administration followed by the Executive Director of the LRTA Post in two years. Proving he’s a lot smarter and politically savvy then many give him credit for.

State Rep. Rady Mom – A fundraiser every six months because he will have a legit opponent and have to go one on one next time. In addition lessons learned from the political mistakes of Vesna Nuon and Rithy Oung. (aka stay on the Sun’s good side)

City Councilor Rita Mercier – Another year topping the Council ticket (that’s a given) an unlisted email address so she doesn’t have to bring EVERY motion forward that someones sends her and a Tandem Bike ride up Fr. Morissette with Jack Mitchell.

City Councilor Bill Martin – Nangle getting the Baker Post and people honoring their word of support to back him as the next State Rep. (Why else did he support Murphy for Manager) he seems bored on the Council.

City Councilor Corey Belanger – Free Customer parking in front of Wicked Irish, An ethics course, only a small fine for voting for License Commissioners and Bud Caulfield NOT running for Council next year.

City Councilor Ed Kennedy – A personality and issue to remind everyone he’s still serving on the Council. People keeping their word and supporting him for Mayor next time.

City Councilor Bill Samaras – Another promotion for his kid, That people forget the McLaughlin, Ciccarelli and Kealy lawsuits that cost the city millions,( a true one man war on women) and a peaceful return to retirement.

City Councilor John Leahy – A case of lip balm and the hope people forgive his not supporting Murphy for Manager but remember how he’s been in lock step since.

City Councilor Dan Rourke – More time off to attend day events in Lowell, a fireman boot and jacket (He did a great job last Saturday) and a money tree in the courtyard at city hall to fund all his public safety software motions.

City Councilor James Milinazzo – A pair of DVD’s Mr. Smith goes to Washington and Wizard of OZ along with his favorite doll from the Wizard of Oz collection – The Lion.

Lowell School Committee member Jim Leary – The chance to face Mom one on one and that voters actually turn out for a primary. A few new faces on the School Committee who won’t keep backstabbing Supt’s and new Science Labs for Lowell High.

Lowell School Committee member Dave Conway – Former Sen. Pangy running his campaign for Council, a copy of the song “That’s what friends are for” and forgiveness from on high for turning his back on a longtime friend when his friend needed his friendship most. Many of us won’t forget or forgive what you did to him.

Lowell School Committee member Kristen Ross-Sitcawich – Charlie Baker dealing with the Dracut Housing Rep. before replacing her in Lowell, a Supt or Deputy who understands and will actually do performance base budgeting and the good sense to not try to run for City Council.

Lowell School Committee member Connie Martin – A Home rule petition allowing her to be named Supt. of Lowell Schools (since she thinks she can do it better than the professionals), an ethics ruling on Community Teamwork and Lowell School Conflicts and a board position on the National Horace Mann Scholarship Program for Educators.

GLRTHS Committeeman Fred Bahou – New prescription glasses for night driving and a case of Lipstick and Golf-balls from former Supt. Santoro.

GLRTHS Committeeman Ray Boutin – The Olympics in MA so he can run for State Rep and not have to serve on the Council,

Asst. City Manager Mike McGovern – He to wants the Olympics in MA., so that in 2 years he gets the backing of Sen. Golden and State Reps. Martin – Mom and Boutin to succeed Murphy has the next City Manager.

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