Sunday Notes December 14th 2014


A Hundred Thousand THANK YOU’s to everyone who donated any amount, auction item or helped us reach the goal in yesterday’s 980 WCAP Radiothon.

The work done by Sue Plunkett, Lynda Clarke, Tom Bomil, Shawn Ashe and the rest of the Executive Board in coordinating this event is amazing. Fred Simon and State Rep Tom Golden put in so many hours making so many phone calls to line-up items and donations and Sam Poulten and WCAP who turn over the station for 8 hours plus offer many auction items shows the importance and value of local radio.

The cooperation and support from the Lowell Sun and Editor Jim Campanni, Ken Wallace and the publisher in donating space for the Auction add and donations like the Column and autographed bottles and the stories by Dan Phelps and Chris Scott promoting the event is appreciated and again, highlights how beneficial a local newspaper is to the Community.

A Special THANK YOU to the Lowell Firefighters and to ALL OF YOU who donated over $7,000 between 10:00 am – Noon yesterday when they worked the intersections in a massive boot drive.

Finally, a big Thank YOU to Warren Shaw for being the ringleader. For months after month and weeks after weeks of coordinating meetings, endless hours of phone calls getting contributions and for 8 hours of keeping everyone focused on the goal. If you’ve done radio or TV you know filling 1-2 or 4 hours is hard enough, keeping things moving and focused for 8 hours and for many years hitting $100,000 to help the Salvation Army is nothing short of spectacular and even his toughest critics should realize the work, energy and time he gives.

The never ending Lawsuit between the city and the former Library worker is still ongoing and there is still a lot of buzz being generated because of it. It was suggested I keep my eye on things because:

“the city is officially in default on several issues in the case of the library asst. termination. Several defendants have failed to file the appropriate paperwork needed by Nov. 24th and the judge may have returned paperwork the city did submit.”

Not surprisingly that isn’t the reality of the situation. It seems the City filed a dismissal motion and while that is under advisement, usually the original case and dates for paperwork are placed on hold, it appears a clerical error resulted in the default notification (according to a well respected Lawyer I spoke with, this happens more than people realize). Be assured this case isn’t over but also that the City is in good legal standings and not in any default nor did they miss any deadlines.

I think City Hall looks great and so I have no sympathy for complainers who don’t like this Manager or Administration and are sayings things like: Dept. Heads were “forced” to stay for the open house and that the City spent $2,000 on Poinsettia.

To bad! The new Administration wanted City Hall to be festive and welcoming and I think it does. Kudos also to the Council for not getting upset about the elf pictures. It shows they can laugh at themselves. Loved one Facebook post that stated: I didn’t realize Milinazzo had a sense of humor!

Don’t you love how quickly people (especially the Democrats) have such short memories? State Rep. Dave Nangle was a HUGE supporter of Democratic Gov. candidate Steve Grossman and Democrat Attorney General-elect Maura Healey campaigning with BOTH of them in Lowell. Yet because he had the good sense to support Charlie Baker (WINNER) he’s still getting grief. Maybe if MORE elected politicians would work with instead of against each other this country would be in better shape and we would not have the ugly political climate in Washington.

Funny how a Senator whose personal net worth is $14 Million shells tee-shirts for a campaign donation that say “Best Senator Money can’t buy”…what a total FRAUD! Real man of the people isn’t she.

Here’s an interesting fact found in the School Committee Agenda this week: If a petition to Home School is granted, the number of families approved by the Lowell School Committee to home school will total 31 and the total number of children will be 45.

The Sun has a story in today’s paper that sums up the Supt. search pretty well when it in parts states: The city’s next school superintendent will face an array of challenges, from contracts to a middle-school space crunch to a potential new or renovated high school.

But the School Committee, which will select the school chief, will have a challenge of its own: How to find the right person amid a possibly small field of candidates.

With the way this School Committee has treated this and the last Superintendent, my guess is a small and inexperienced amount of applicants that haven’t managed a School District this large. They have only themselves to blame.

Not surprising the Council has will canceled the final two meetings of the Month – Vote – Cancel Council Meeting of December 23 and 30, 2014.

I understand the need for Security and the importance of gathering information and that maybe if we had this program in place, the Idiot at the Bailey School may not have shown, up but doesn’t this have an air of BIG Brother Watching?

C. Rourke – Req. City Mgr. have LPD explore feasibility and possible use of Social Sentinel Software as a social media monitoring tool.

Here are the full list of Motions for this final 2014 Lowell City Council Meeting:

10.1. C. Martin – Req. City Mgr. have proper department make presentation to Transportation SC about
planned improvements for Lord Overpass.

10.2. C. Martin – Req. City Mgr. report on efforts undertaken or underway to address the collapsed wall at
Prospect/Crosby Streets.

10.3. C. Rourke – Req. City Mgr. have LPD explore feasibility and possible use of Social Sentinel Software as a
social media monitoring tool.

10.4. M. Elliott – Req. City Mgr. explore the feasibility of establishing a Veterans Commission.

10.5. M. Elliott – Req. City Mgr./Mayor appoint Steering Committee of Cambodian activists to work with City
officials for development of monument for Cambodian immigrants.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Notes December 14th 2014

  1. About 10- 15 years ago ,there were at least 20 home schooling families in the area. Those kids have obviously gown up and and moved on, so the question is , are they not home schooling their own children? There sued to be a group for home schoolers, but I do not know if it still exists.

  2. You note that it is “interesting” that someone is petitioning to do home schooling?  Interesting because there are so many, so few, or because one needs to ask “Mother May I”?
    Regards  —  Cliff

    • I too was a little surprised at the relatively low number.  For sure, nation wide, home schooling is a big deal.
      Regards  —  Cliff

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