NEPBA Executive Director responds to Globe story

GN: The following from NEPBA Jerry Flynn is in response to a Globe story that in my humble opinion was a piece of crap not worth linking too. It was as bad as the CIA Report which criticizes the USA for defending itself against terrorist by fighting fire with fire. TO DAMN BAD!

I know people who lost love ones and friends on Sept. 11th and I watched people jump out of buildings to their death. I don’t give a rats ass if we had to sleep deprive or waterboard so we don’t ever have to witness that again. I am so sick of the liberal ass media who want to blame the people who protect us like the Police, Soldiers and CIA and yet give a pass to those who rob, rape, bomb and kill Americans every day sighting Social injustice and poverty.

BULLSHIT! I’m one of 11 kids who grew up on poverty’s edge but had a roof over their head and food because my parents busted their ass not because my parents sat on theirs and took every friggen handout the Gov’t would give. We may have worn hand-me-downs and not gotten every new hot toy but we were raised with values and taught respect for those who serve and protect. Something I find missing in today’s society. Where is the support for the Thousands of Police, Fire and Citizens who put their lives on the line daily and for the hundreds who were KILLED – MURDERED by TERRORIST on Sept. 11th?

Go get em Jerry, don’t take this BS. No Police, Fire, Soldier or CIA/FBI people ever claimed they were all saints. All they claim is they put their ass on the line everyday so that fools like the Globe idiot and the Liberal Media can pander to those who cry that the best country in the world doesn’t do enough for them and so that these same idiots in the media and bleeding heart Liberals that these brave men and women protect daily, can bitch about the job they are doing protecting them.


JERRY FLYNN: My response to the author of the latest anti-police article by the Boston Globe, who was requesting to speak with me about some issues raised in the article, including the perception that “professional courtesy” is common.

Mr. Wallack;

With respect to your request to speak with someone from the NEPBA regarding your grandiose article, we find your assessment and perception of “professional courtesy” to be another attempt by the liberal media to inflame the public with more anti-police rhetoric. Your article is a gross injustice to honest hardworking police officers by attempting to portraying them as something they are not, in an attempt to simply sell newspapers.

If it was your intent to rehash tragic old stories of former police officers with substance abuse issues who have caused pain in the lives of innocent victims, as well as their own families, take a bow you have succeeded. However, we find your article to be another veil attempt by the Boston Globe to discredit honest hardworking police officers and a feeble attempt by you to overlook the true facts.
Truth be told, in almost ever case presented in your article it was those same honest hardworking police officers who arrested or charged those responsible with the tragic consequences of their own actions. In the incidents, where discipline was imposed and suspensions served those officers were either charged administratively and/or sought medical treatment for their substance abuse problems. So, regardless of whether they wore a badge on their chest and a gun on their hip, those who committed the crime are doing the time or faced the consequences of their actions.

Just so we are clear, those police officers who were arrested and/or charged were arrested and/or charged by those who wear the same badge and who took the same oath to protect and serve.
Mr. Wallace, we find nothing enlightening or thought provoking with respect to “your” perception of the facts. Moreover, this is just another example of the Boston Globe’s continued character assassination of dedicated hardworking police officers across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
In closing, I would like to invite you on May 15th to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C. to observe the reading of the names of 20,000 heroes enshrined on the Memorial’s hallow walls and to see the sadness and the pride of the families of the new inductees who gave the ultimate sacrifice this year. Perhaps, as you give witness to the tens of thousands of police officers who salute and honor their fallen brethren – you will truly understand the meaning of “Professional Courtesy.”

In solidarity,
Jerry Flynn, Executive Director

1 thought on “NEPBA Executive Director responds to Globe story

  1. I agree, I am sick and tired of all the self rightious pompous fools trashing the very people who protect us , no matter in what capacity. If the fools had their way, we would be overrun by anyone who feels they can excuse for their illegal actions because they are being picked on because of their race,or religion. The same fools would be the first to holler if they were robbed, assaulted or targeted in any way by those they seek to “improve” . Mr Flynn’s letter is right on the money.

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