Poor Response from Administration / Lowell Police to School Threat


“At no time were students or school personnel in danger” – Lowell School Supt. Franco


Police said the man was taken into custody to be interviewed by detectives, but that he will not face criminal charges

“Today I woke up thinking I would like to hold a School Staff Hostage” Bill Martineau, Facebook Post

When are they at Danger, when someone shows up with a gun and shoots first? If they post a threat but don’t follow up by taking hostages that’s okay?

If this had been a High School or Junior High School Student, Police would have taken them in for questioning, searched his house, interrogated his classmates and friends and the School put on Lockdown.

Because he seems like an old guy, who was a veteran he is being dismissed as non-threatening and harmless.

Has a Parent I say BULLSHIT!

This isn’t the response I expect nor want from either the School Dept. or the Lowell Police Dept. This idiot posted a threat, stated he purposely chose the Bailey School and said one of hid demands was to talk to the President.

Was his house searched? Did the Police NOT see this posted threat? Why isn’t he being charged and then ordered for a complete physiological 45 day review?

Why isn’t the School Dept. pressing charges for threatening and at the very least seeking a Restraining order barring him from going within 500 feet of ANY CITY Or PRIVATE SCHOOL?

With the escalating violence all over our City, this guy post a public threat to take a School Staff hostage and the City of Lowell School Department and Police Force are giving him a free pass?

Why wasn’t EVERY Parent and Citizen called by the Lowell School Department or the POLICE to let them know a guy posted a threat about a school? Yesterday he chose the Bailey, what’s to stop him from choosing Lowell High, the Riley or the Robinson next?

I’m asking our School Committee , Mayor and City Council to demand the Lowell Police and the Lowell School Department explain why this threat is being discarded and why this man is NOT under arrest after posting this threat and if his home has been searched and why there isn’t a restraining order in place today?

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 4.22.28 PM

1 thought on “Poor Response from Administration / Lowell Police to School Threat

  1. The chief on WCAP this morning had very little info about incident, seemed only had press/media info. Not the first time I’ve observed this lack of specifics from the chief. No info? Don’t go on air.

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