Lowell Police Statement on Bailey School Incident


The Lowell Police Department in conjunction with representatives of the Lowell School Department commenced an investigation into possible threats made to school personnel. In the morning hours of Monday November 24th an individual had arrived and spoken to an elementary school principal professing concerns about the media sensationalizing school violence incidents and ideas on how this needed to end. This individual communicated statements that caused concern as their contents appeared to be making a threat to commit an act of violence. The School Department immediately notified the Lowell Police Department who began an investigation that resulted in a 63 year old Lowell man being interviewed by detectives. As a preliminary result of the investigation, the interview revealed that the subject stated he had no intention of committing any acts of violence, was not a threat to school safety and regretted the wording he used while speaking with school personnel and on his social media postings. He agreed to and sought a medical evaluation and is receiving treatment.

The subject was issued a ‘No Trespass’ order barring him from all city schools while the investigation continues as to the possibility of any charges being filed.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 4.22.28 PM

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