The King and his Court? Conway for Council, Rodney for 2nd term?

It is not a surprise that Dave Conway announced he is running for City Council or that Rodney Elliott has already had a fundraiser for his next campaign.

I’m thinking that Rodney is setting himself up for a 2nd Term as Mayor, especially to help protect his “Big Brother” the City Manager.

We know Rita Mercier and Corey Belanger are super Rodney supporters and Dan Rourke was also a Rodney guy. Since the selection of the Manager John Leahy seems to be tied very closely to Rodney and Corey.

Dave Conway acted as the Mayor Elliott’s “Aide” earlier this year before Rodney had hired someone and Conway and the Mayor have been very close on the School Committee.

Could we be seeing a pick six assembly to support both the Manager and his little brother the Mayor?


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